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Hi everyone,

I had previously inquired about Grady Hospital. After many negative opinions, I decided that is not the place for me.

However, one person who replied to my Grady post mentioned that Wellstar Kennestone was a good place to work.

Just curious, are there others who have an opinion on Wellstar Kennestone? If so, please share!!!

I visited the website, and it seemed nice.

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:eek: :eek: :eek:

Come on!!! Doesn't anyone have an opinion???



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Kennistone would not be my first choice,

I like St. Joseph:cool:


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Whuds and pleasetakeme,

I pm'd both of you.

Are there any suggestions from anyone else on where is a good place to work in that general area; Acworth/Kennesaw/Marietta?

Thanks to all!!!



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My mother worked for St. Josephs for 6 years. She liked it well enough. I also had a good friend work for Kennestone, she said they spoiled you. I'm told many things about Grady, some bad, some good. Northside hospitals has a great OB. I myself am researching places to work there myself. :uhoh3:

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I've heard good and bad about Kennestone. People either love it or hate it. Depends on the department your looking at. People tend to love their OB department, and I've heard good things about ortho. Take a look at their job postings, the departments I've heard are bad to work in are the ones that have a LOT of openings. Wellstar insurance isn't very good either, so if you're going to need that, take a good look at it before you decide on them. The happiest nurses I know work at Piedmont and St. Joseph. They seem to have a lot less of the corporate politics than the other hospitals around here (from what I hear.)


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I work for Wellstar, I've had better jobs and better benefits. They have one thing the others don't...location, location, location. I live in marietta and have 2 small kids. My job is less then 15 minutes from my home. I have insurance through my husbands job, which is better than what Wellstar offers. Other places may pay better, but the drive is atleast 30 minutes in non rush hour traffic and can be as much as 3 hours during rush hour. When you add drive time into your hourly rate it's a wash. The ratios are not greatest, but again...location is more important to me, especially because I work prn, a few days a month. If I didn't have kids, or they were older and I needed to work full time I would definately look elsewhere, almost any hospital in the area has a better reputation (work load, benefits) to work at then wellstar.


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Got BURNED :angryfire @ Wellstar. Dirty politics. Poor pay. Nurses are gotten rid of unstead of management cleaning up problem issues. It's easier to scapegoat a nurse. UNETHICAL. Run.... anywhere but Wellstar


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i work in the icu at kennestone and absolutely love it! it is a wonderful location and the hospital is big and beautiful! and growing still! everyone is very friendly and positive. it's the place to be. good luck in your job search!! :)


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Avoid Med-Surg at Kennestone at all costs!!!!:angryfire I know of two people who work in CCU who love it so much they say they will never leave.

Avoid Med-Surg at Kennestone at all costs!!!!:angryfire

Just curious, WHY?

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