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Hey everyone just out of curiosity how many weeks did you study for the nclex -RN ? I'm getting so anxious cause I feel like I am not prepared and only have three weeks left... but as I have seen on here its a completely normal feeling. I have accepted the fact that I'm not going to know everything and I can only do my best but sometimes I get those " what if " questions in my head... Gahhh I just want this to be over and done with. I also purchased that 97 page review anyone on here find it helpful ? Thanks in advance !!!

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Hi ~

I studied almost 2 months and about 10 hours a day (including weekends). I used Hurst, Kaplan, NCSBN, Saunder's (comprehensive) and La Charity PDA. I used Hurst and Saunder's mainly for content (Hurst is narrow and Sauder's helped clarify and expand on details), Kaplan mainly for questions/qbank/strategies, NCSBN (questions) and LaCharity (priority and delegation). If you know your core content and a little bit about everything within the body systems and fundamentals, lab values, med's (common ones and the drug classes), herbals (common ones, what they do and their side effects), procedures (ie. IV, tube feedings, administering eye and ear drops, catheter, dressing change, chest tube compartments and what each one does, etc.), EKG's, pacemakers, etc.

It's hard to say if 3 weeks will be enough. For me, it wouldn't have been. You need to be able to regurgitate and know core content backwards and forwards - as the NCLEX q's you get are broad and different for everybody. You also need to know good strategies - as some NCLEX q's are not so much nursing based, though "obscure" critical thinking type of questions. For me, I used Kaplan's decision tree, strategy videos and question videos (they go over 300 questions and show you how to break up the question and evaluate/eliminate answers). I didn't watch all the question videos (they are in blocks of 10 q's) though several. These were awesome and helped so much with strategy.

I think if you study every day for the next three weeks (with a day off) and really hone in on the above and feel confident about your core content/strategies - you definitely are in a good place!! It's important to put the time and elbow grease in - you can do this!

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I agree with yedwards, 3 weeks is enough for some people, not enough for others. I did Kaplan, the 35 page study guide I found on this forum and Saunders for content. I took 5 weeks and studied 6-9 hours a day 6 days a week. That day off once (or even twice a week) is needed to recharge.

No one method works for everyone and you did not say what you are using to study.

My suggestion is that whatever course of study you choose, work hard, do every practice test you can get your hands on, and once you are just a couple of days away be honest with yourself. No one truly feels ready but there are diagnostic tests on most of the review courses that will give you a good idea of where you stand. If you do one and find you are not ready, PV allows you to reschedule for free as long as you do it one business day before your test is scheduled.


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thanks for the responses.... I actually have been studying for the past 3 weeks ... so in addition to the next three that I have it will be 6 weeks total. :) my anxiety is getting the best of me at the moment... i just feel like singing.. " leetttt it gooooooo lettt it goooo this NCLEX wont hold me back anymooorrreeee.." hahaha


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Lol we are on the same boat STDNTNURSE101. I will be taking mine on the 29th. It's nerve racking, in my case it's like all or nothing, now or never type of scenario. I just can't afford to fail... The anxiety is building up as each day passes... The thought of only 30% of international graduates pass makes me more anxious... Oh I just want to get it over with already.....