3 weeks left :(


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Three weeks from today I start back to school! 3 days of inservice and then kids come back too. I'm not ready!! I want more summer! :(


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Lucky! Lol. My last day is tomorrow in the summer program, then I finally get to have summer.


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Two and a half weeks of summer left for me. I swear every year the summer seems shorter and shorter. 2 or 3 more years and then I can retire....unless I hit the lottery first!


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I go back in 4 1/2 weeks then I'll have class/clinical 30 hours a week while also working 35 hours a week. I've never looked forward to Christmas so bad!!


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Hey new RN here. Is school nursing a good specialty to get into as a new grad? currently employed at a psych facility for children which i love but im interested in school nursing as well


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I'm so jealous of you with weeks left, I'm down to days of summer break left! Staff training and in service starts Thursday, where did my vacation go?


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I'll make you feel better, LOL. I started back yesterday and our Kindergarten students start next week!! Shortest 5 weeks of my life!