3 WEEK INTRO TO CHEM CLASS...Would you do it?

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I stumbled across a Intro to Chemistry class today being offered this May for three weeks. The class is from 8-5 M-F. I just wanted some feedback on how does that sound! I started taking Intro to Chem and dropped last semester ( the instructor was horrible) i loved the lab, it was the lectures! I had about a C average. I figured If I took it without taking anything else I could concentrate on just Chem ( I was taking 4 other classes and working full-time with two kids and a husband...I guess that's three kids HA!HA!HA!)

No seriously I am considering taking this and I just wanted some feedback on the issue.

-Thanks in advance:)

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Do you HAVE to take it? Would an "intro to..." class fulfill your chemistry prerequisites (assuming your school has one)? Sometimes the intro classes aren't considered good enough.

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I agree with Klone, be sure it fits your requirement. Often schools will have an "intro" as well as a "general" Chem course. The intro, obviously, being a bit more elementary.

I would probably do it - What's 3 weeks in the grand scheme of things? But if that's a general Chem level class, that's a LOT of information to try and cram in that time period.


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ohhh I cringe at the thought of Chemistry itself, yet alone all of it in 3 weeks!! I agree though check the requirements.


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I took a higher level chem class during a five week session. It was tough, but I was thrilled to be done with it in five weeks, rather than a full semester. It was no more difficult than a full semester course (when I took the next level), but obviously a full time committment for those five weeks. I say, if you feel that you can stay motivated, do it. I was in "chem" mode for the time. I really did not enjoy chemistry, but I do not feel that the time frame was a factor.


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If chemistry is an area that is a problem for you, you may want to considering auditing the class. You attend classes, may or may not take the exam, but don't get a grade for the class. It may help you later on if you have trouble taking Chemistry and the "lower level" classes may not meet your requirements.

I'd consider doing that myself if I had the extra money!


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This Intro class for Non-Science majors, they won't accept General Chem or Organic Chem


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I am currently taking a principles of chemistry class to prepare me for Chem 1 this fall. If you had no experience in chemistry or if you haven't had it in a while, i would take the class as a refresher course. It has helped me tremendously to prepare for Chem 1. If I wouldn't have taken this before, I dont know how well I would have done it Chem 1. Plus, as a positive, if you make a good grade it will raise up your gpa too.


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Three weeks is not enough time to learn very much about chemistry and it would be a good idea to find out more about the content of the course before you attmept it. My first college chemistry course was also called Introduction to Chemistry, and to be honest with you it wasn't much different from general chemistry except that there was a bit less focus on organics. If its a really elementary chemistry course you may not be able to use it towards your nursing degree.


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I took Chem 1 & 2 last summer - each course was a month long M-F 8-12 with daily homework and a test each week. The instructor was good but very, very thorough. It was a rough two months but well worth it in the end. Definitely check to see if the class meets requirements and the credits can be transferred if it's at another school. Good Luck to you!


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I would be wary of a chem course that was shortened to the timespan of three weeks if it is an inorganic class, or even a survey course. That is a lot of information to digest in a short amount of time especially if you intend on retaining most of the knowledge for later use. I took a full year of inorganic and a full year of organic for my biology degree reqs and the semesters never seemed long enough to grasp everything. I received decent grades and came away with a working knowledge of it but man was it stressful. Good luck with whatever you decide upon.

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