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Hi Everyone,

I just completed my first week back to school. I'm in my first semester of Nursing School and we meet on Thursdays and Fridays. So far we have gone through 5 chapters of our Nursing Text and I have no science/medical background, so I am having a hard time knowing terms. Can someone recommend a website with terms??? I'm not looking for Abbreviations because we had a power point with them and I printed them. Anything you guys can recommend and I would appreciate it! I'm waiting for our medical dictionaries to come in to school (they sold out). Thanks again!


edema- swelling

Thrombus- blood clot

cynosis- blue coloring


Sorry my typing too fast got ahead of me and I can't find out how to edit my post (Cyanosis)

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I don't know of a specific website, but there is a podcast course on iTunes that you can download and listen to. It explains things very well so that you don't have to just memorize words- you can put the prefixes, roots, and suffixes together to figure most new medical terms out fairly closely without having seen them before. I don't remember the specific name, but if you search iTunes for medical terminology, you should be able to find it. I think there were three or four parts.

Specializes in maybe L&D or NICU. It has a whole course to study, but you can just go to the quizzes. Not really printable, but handy either way. Again mostly online, but you could print the Quizzes and fill in the answer yourself. The Companion website for Medical Terminology: A Living Language.

Best of luck!

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Medical Terminology course online...great basics class and to use for reference...

Im also interested in picking up some medical terminology. My school does not require medical term as a pre-req. Anyone else go into Nursing School without medical terminology? Did you do okay picking up on it as you went through school? If its such a big deal I wonder why it isnt a pre-req?

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