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  1. emtoh17

    Looking for EMT's who are now in nursing school

    I have been an EMT for 11 1/2 years in Ohio. Let me know if I can be of any help...
  2. emtoh17

    Not used to getting B's...

    Hmmm... How about being happy that you are getting B's and making it?? There are those that would die for your B. Geez try being thankful..... I am thankful everyday for my B's when I see others struggling.
  3. emtoh17

    studying for med-surg

    We use Lewis also and honestly I have never used it except for reading about shock. I have just used my pp's and occasionally use Lewis for clarification. However I do plan on using it for Critical Care...
  4. emtoh17

    psychiatric nursing test questions

    I found during my psych clinicals, that the questions on the test were VERY subjective and that made it tough to pick the correct answer. Luckily we had great notes and PP's. I suggest knowing the what s/s of each disorder, the meds and the theraputic/toxic levels of the drugs as well as some history on psych nursing, the axis of mental dx's and theraputic communication vs non theraputic communication.
  5. emtoh17

    Website with Medical Terminology Handout???

  6. emtoh17

    Any advice for us "baby" Nursing students?

    If you are worried about more fun time, and if you are just studying by "cramming binges" which is a scary thought.... maybe you should re evaluate your priorities.... and put nursing school on hold until it can be your #1 priority...
  7. emtoh17

    Any advice for us "baby" Nursing students?

    1. Don't learn the material long enough to pass a test. The material builds on itself and you will need to to know how to apply it and how it applies to more than one body system. 2. Keep your head down and your mouth shut. 3. Listen to EVERYTHING the teacher says. 4. PAY ATTENTION in CLINICALS 5. DO NOT get wrapped up in nursing school drama. 6. Stay on top of the work. 7. Ask for help early if needed. 8. Say goodbye to the outside world!!!
  8. emtoh17

    Wright Patterson question

  9. emtoh17

    Job at Hospital- confused by abbrevation

    equal oppurtunity employer
  10. emtoh17

    The Medical words for BP,temp,BSL????help

    BP is normotensive.
  11. emtoh17

    Medication Calculation

  12. emtoh17

    Help with math Heparin and units

    I am confused by the title Heparin and units??
  13. Do you know how to draw blood? Are you a phlebotomist? I would be a bit uneasy practicing a skill that you are not certified to actually perform. How about trying the keyword phlebotomy??
  14. emtoh17

    They bumped up our minimum passing grade point average...

    Yep, like you said you have no reason to complain!!! :)
  15. emtoh17

    They bumped up our minimum passing grade point average...

    73 to 75??? are you kidding???? lol.... Try an 80!!!!!! (80 is the lowest you can get) no sympathy here....