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5 Ways Nurses Can Care for Themselves During this Pandemic

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Tools nurses can use to care for themselves during the COVID-19 Pandemic

How can I take care of my body?

5 Ways Nurses Can Care for Themselves During this Pandemic

It’s easy to lay around and not get moving, but during this time, it’s important that you take care of your body. Don’t stress out feeling like you have to do intense work outs daily, but get a routine going in which you take a walk, do some dancing or stretch with the help of a Youtube video. By all means, please take time to get proper rest.

The stress and energy, both mentally and physically, working on the frontlines earns you the right to rest. If you need two days to sleep and lounge around, do that. Just make sure you’re being conscious in showing your body some extra TLC. More importantly, take care of your body from the inside. Vitamins and immune boosters are necessary especially now during these times of COVID-19. I suggest that everyone takes a multivitamin as well as B complex and Vitamin D. Taking in extra vitamin C through foods and supplements are a sure way to boost your immunity as well. As nurses working on the frontlines, you have to care for your body from the inside. Give yourself the upper hand and take your vitamins.

Life as we know it has changed! As you know, most people are deficient in vitamin D which we get through the sun. Now that we have to stay inside, we are getting even less vitamin D than we did before. One of the most important roles of vitamin D is immunity. It also helps with maintaining healthy bones and teeth, disease prevention and mood and brain function. So, if you haven’t yet, get some vitamins!

Cut Out the Extra Noise

There have been times recently where I had to take a social media break. Seeing my whole newsfeed with people getting infected, dying and loosing loved ones became too much! That, paired with the fact my husband loves to watch the news all day, sent me in a downward spiral. You have to stay informed so I’m not saying cut out all information sources, but if you find yourself headed down the spiral like I did, cut it out. Fill your mind with more positive than negative to keep your spirits up.

Take Breaks

I don’t know how many nurses I’ve heard tell me they can’t take breaks at work. That’s insane! I understand that some employers try to work their nurses to death, but it’s up to you to take a stand and know your rights. If they continue to refuse breaks after bringing it up to management, it might be time to find a new job. I always find it best to take breaks outside the department. If you’ve never taken a small break at work to walk outside and feel the sunshine or cool air hit your face, you’re missing out. When you start your shift, let your relief know that you plan to take a break at 10am, 1pm and 5pm (for example). This way, you have a break to look forward to which can relieve some stress when work gets busy and at times unbearable.

Maintain Relationships

Check in with your friends and family during this time. Talking about my feelings with those closest to me not only gives me a sense of relief (from stress, uncertainty of life after COVID and how to entertain myself during this time), but often times I find out that I’m not alone in how I feel. When you know that other people are experiencing the same thoughts and feeling as you, it gives you a sense of normalcy. Apps like zoom, facetime and facebook messenger allow you to video chat with family and friends. Having a virtual happy hour or afternoon virtual tea (both of which I have participated in) are extremely fun! Although I can’t wait to get back to brunch and happy hours, these interim activities remind me that my relationships can withstand hardships and keeps me motivated to remember life as we once knew it, although different, will return.

Learn Something New

This has to be my favorite activity to do during quarantine. Many business owners are offering free classes and courses to help others during this time. Information is abundant on the internet. I’ve taken free cooking classes, business courses and design classes. Beauty experts are teaching how to do certain hair styles as well as makeup! Use this time to learn something fun! Think about what excites you or interest that you have and research to see if someone is teaching a class on it. You never know, investing time into a hobby now, can set you up for a possible side business in the future.

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Janet Elias

Has 9 years experience.

Love this! 😎 #rnlivesmatter

I am about to start a garden in my backyard. Gardening helps me escape the stressors in life. I have about for sets of roses around my house. 1 is a climbing rose (I have cut it back twice because it is getting out of control LOL) that started as just roots and the other three are bushes. They have lasted for several years. What I like about roses is that voles/moles won't touch them due to the thorns.


Specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion. Has 44 years experience.

After my walk up the next block, cup of Constant comment tea and romance novel takes me away to my happy place..... along with using Dr Teals lavender bath salts + foot soak during bath.

I dug up some moss in my backyard. Talk about therapeutic. I put down some moss killer granules. We will see if I can kill the moss. I am getting some trees cut down so the shade that moss loves can be removed from my backyard. That should help to. Anyhoo, one of my roses bushes is fighting with another plant next to it due to trying to get sun (the two plants area war), basically the rose bush is leaning over the plant to get to the sun on the corner of my house. I have a stick on the other side of the rose bush that I keep having to tighten because the bush is falling over. Dealing with this all is fun for me, because I get to see the beautiful roses once everything gets figured out.

I needed to read this. I'm horrible at taking time for myself.