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Christal Parker is a ADN, MSN, RN, APRN, NP and specializes in ER.

Hey Nurse! I'm Christal, The Self Care Nurse and owner of Self Care RX (the prescription for your self care needs!)

I’m an ER nurse, Nurse Practitioner, wife and new mom who once suffered from major stress, unhealthy habits, compassion fatigue and burnout. To prepare for my wedding I got a trainer, started eating healthier, indulged in pampering with friends for spa days, took better care of my skin and most importantly focused on my mental health.

I was saddened by the news of an increase in nurse suicide and wished we as nurses had someone to advocate for us. So, I became that person. I started Self Care RX for two reasons. I realized that putting my mental health first was the key to fighting burnout, dealing with stress and living a healthier life. Self Care RX was created to empower, support, and encourage nurses to restore and preserve their mental health in order to fight burnout and overwhelm through self care practices. It takes work, but I assure you by working together you can get back to living your best life, thriving in your career and showing up to your family and friends as the best you you can be.

Being a product junkie myself, the second reason I created Self Care RX is to provide nurses with products that provide a moment of escape. I create products that target the specific needs of nurses starting with Code Skin: Hydrating Hand Cream (which can be found on my website). 

I hope to inspire you to put yourself first as you can't pour from an empty cup. Can't wait to connect!

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  1. Christal Parker

    5 Ways Nurses Can Care for Themselves During this Pandemic

    That sounds so relaxing!
  2. Christal Parker

    5 Ways Nurses Can Care for Themselves During this Pandemic

    They sure do!
  3. Take Care of Your Body It’s easy to lay around and not get moving, but during this time, it’s important that you take care of your body. Don’t stress out feeling like you have to do intense work outs daily, but get a routine going in which you take a walk, do some dancing or stretch with the help of a Youtube video. By all means, please take time to get proper rest. The stress and energy, both mentally and physically, working on the frontlines earns you the right to rest. If you need two days to sleep and lounge around, do that. Just make sure you’re being conscious in showing your body some extra TLC. More importantly, take care of your body from the inside. Vitamins and immune boosters are necessary especially now during these times of COVID-19. I suggest that everyone takes a multivitamin as well as B complex and Vitamin D. Taking in extra vitamin C through foods and supplements are a sure way to boost your immunity as well. As nurses working on the frontlines, you have to care for your body from the inside. Give yourself the upper hand and take your vitamins. Life as we know it has changed! As you know, most people are deficient in vitamin D which we get through the sun. Now that we have to stay inside, we are getting even less vitamin D than we did before. One of the most important roles of vitamin D is immunity. It also helps with maintaining healthy bones and teeth, disease prevention and mood and brain function. So, if you haven’t yet, get some vitamins! Cut Out the Extra Noise There have been times recently where I had to take a social media break. Seeing my whole newsfeed with people getting infected, dying and loosing loved ones became too much! That, paired with the fact my husband loves to watch the news all day, sent me in a downward spiral. You have to stay informed so I’m not saying cut out all information sources, but if you find yourself headed down the spiral like I did, cut it out. Fill your mind with more positive than negative to keep your spirits up. Take Breaks I don’t know how many nurses I’ve heard tell me they can’t take breaks at work. That’s insane! I understand that some employers try to work their nurses to death, but it’s up to you to take a stand and know your rights. If they continue to refuse breaks after bringing it up to management, it might be time to find a new job. I always find it best to take breaks outside the department. If you’ve never taken a small break at work to walk outside and feel the sunshine or cool air hit your face, you’re missing out. When you start your shift, let your relief know that you plan to take a break at 10am, 1pm and 5pm (for example). This way, you have a break to look forward to which can relieve some stress when work gets busy and at times unbearable. Maintain Relationships Check in with your friends and family during this time. Talking about my feelings with those closest to me not only gives me a sense of relief (from stress, uncertainty of life after COVID and how to entertain myself during this time), but often times I find out that I’m not alone in how I feel. When you know that other people are experiencing the same thoughts and feeling as you, it gives you a sense of normalcy. Apps like zoom, facetime and facebook messenger allow you to video chat with family and friends. Having a virtual happy hour or afternoon virtual tea (both of which I have participated in) are extremely fun! Although I can’t wait to get back to brunch and happy hours, these interim activities remind me that my relationships can withstand hardships and keeps me motivated to remember life as we once knew it, although different, will return. Learn Something New This has to be my favorite activity to do during quarantine. Many business owners are offering free classes and courses to help others during this time. Information is abundant on the internet. I’ve taken free cooking classes, business courses and design classes. Beauty experts are teaching how to do certain hair styles as well as makeup! Use this time to learn something fun! Think about what excites you or interest that you have and research to see if someone is teaching a class on it. You never know, investing time into a hobby now, can set you up for a possible side business in the future.
  4. Christal Parker

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Im a 29yr old AA female looking to travel to the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the end of the year! Is anyone else looking at that area? I plan to work in the ER and stay with my best friend who lives out there. The hospital I work at now is very receptive to travelers but I know some places aren't. Any advice is welcomed!
  5. Christal Parker

    Kaplan college in San Diego RN program

    Hello. Thought I would put in my input. I graduated from Kaplan about a year ago. I had a bachelors in psychology so when I got my units transferred in my tuition was cut down to about 32K or so. The way I saw it was that a new grad nurse makes at the lowest 40K a year and it increases every year after the that. The time that is wasted waiting on a JC is money that is wasted. That's 80K that could be made going to Kaplan for 16mo (thats how long my program was) vs making 0$ on a waiting list. Kaplan was a great school. As my preceptor told me every nursing school has issues and I'm finding, from talking to my co-workers that this is true! Your life basically belongs to nursing school for two years so if they are a week late getting you your schedule oh well it's not that big of a deal! The instructors are great --- (pharm) is extremely intelligent ------- is the best and everyone is really nice. I now work at a county hospital in the inland empire and it doesn't matter one bit where you went to school. Some say that San Diego has a negative attitude towards Kaplan but I don't believe that is true either. After you pass NCLEX nothing else matters and where you graduated from makes no difference once you have ur license in hand. Hope this helps
  6. Christal Parker

    SCRIPPS New Graduate Nurse Program August 2011

    I graduated from Kaplan ADN as well! I am licensed and was wen I applied... Thanks for all the advice!
  7. Christal Parker

    SCRIPPS New Graduate Nurse Program August 2011

    Oh ok. Thanks AZWildcatRN. I believe I also applied to Cardiac and PCU. LizardRN this is my first RN interview too. I'm so excited and nervous as well! Did the email say if you got an interview for all three departments or do we find that out when we get there?
  8. Christal Parker

    SCRIPPS New Graduate Nurse Program August 2011

    Does anyone know if the interview questions are generic or department specific?
  9. Christal Parker

    SCRIPPS New Graduate Nurse Program August 2011

    Mine is Monday at 1030 as well! I put Trauma #1 but I cant remember the others...
  10. Christal Parker

    SCRIPPS New Graduate Nurse Program August 2011

    Has anyone else received an email for a interview? I just received an email for an interview on the 20th!!
  11. Christal Parker

    Kaplan college in San Diego RN program

    I don't think a DUI disqualifies you but you must be up front about it. Also you can call an admissions rep and ask about the DUI but as long as you let them know your good
  12. Christal Parker

    Kaplan college in San Diego RN program

    Did they change the program to 24 months yet? I was the last of the 16 months accelerated program.. If I can do it you guys can too! Congrats!
  13. Christal Parker

    DFW GN/RN June 2011 Internships

    Yay!!! Congrats Meggo!!! So glad to hear that!!!
  14. Christal Parker

    Reality Check for Nursing Hopefuls

    I live in California around the Los Angeles and Orange county area. My friend who only has an ADN (as I have an ADN and bachelors in psychology) just got hired on a med surg telemtry floor. That's one of many. I have friends who gotten hired in ICU DOU Psych labor and delivery ER and peds. One girl in my ACLS class got a job offer in ER at one hospital and as we were sitting there got a call from kaiser ER to interview which she did and just advised me she was hired, she graduated in December. I am currently interviewing inTexas for an ER position. No it's not as easy as it once was but not impossible. I don't live in a remote village in the desert I live in Orange County and went to school in San Diego and my friends are getting jobs in all these counties. I myself am more picky and want ER and want to move to Texas which seems like it's going to happen. You must make friends with HR and call nurse managers directly, ask if they are hiring and sell yourself. If you grafuated a year ago and dont have at least your ACLS and PALS you ar not marketable! Just sending in a resume along with thousands of other people is not going to get you a job. You must network and show face. This is what our instructor taught us last semester in school and everyone who has followed her instructions along with putting together a portfolio has been successful.
  15. Christal Parker

    Is Home Health Aide 24 Hr Live-in Rate $100/day Too Low?

    Right now I am a private duty nurse living with my client making 200$ a day free rent and utilities and she also provides food and pays when we go out to dinner or her social events. I was very blessed to find this position!
  16. Christal Parker

    2 colors in hair as a new graduated during interviews

    You should either wait or maybe put your hair in a ponytail off your face since thats how youll have to wear it at work most days anyways!

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