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I work in a rural hospital that has just started our waterbirth program. SO far we have only one under our belt (a fellow OB nurse) and we have two scheduled this month.

Does anyone out there with waterbirth experience as the nurse have any advice??? So far only 2 of our nurses have had the experience, and the rest of us are just a wee bit nervous about being the nurse on duty when these two moms come in for their waterbirth!!

SO far we only have 2 doctors in the practice that are on board with doing waterbirths, and we as the nurses in the unit want to make this work at our facility. At the moment, a good chunk of our market share to another neighboring hospital who's waterbirth rate is around 80%



Has 20 years experience.

got midwives around????

or doulas???

they are GREAT resources for this wonderful way of giving birth. suggest you consult w/them for information on this -----

it is GREAT....if rare in the hospital environment, to have waterbirths a common way to give birth.

good luck.

We do not do waterbirths. We do about 1200 deliveries/year and I think most of our docs would have a coniption (sp?) if it were even suggested. We get frowned upon if they have to deliver without an epidural :( Some of docs want the nurses to scrub-in for vag delivery and do the whole lithotomy sterile-draped thing.... best of luck to you..... sounds great!

I think they're ok, but I am not in love with them. Had a shoulder dystocia in the tub once, and it was more than a little scary. The only way to get over it is to watch some on video or in real life and then do it. It can be a little awkward, but for moms who are comfortable with them, they can be very helpful.

We do not do waterbirths. We do about 1200 deliveries/year and I think most of our docs would have a coniption (sp?) if it were even suggested. We get frowned upon if they have to deliver without an epidural

One of these days, pregnant families will no longer behave like sheep and will start shopping around for hospitals and docs who will allow them to experience birth as a normal occurance, not a disease state. Good grief- why would the docs care if a lady had an epidural or not?

My gosh 4 birds, you guys even have rural Pennsylvania beat there in the backward race! Our doc's don't like epidurals because they don't want to interrupt their beauty sleep and come in for anesthesia to place them, but most of them do if the pt. requests. We just finished an education marathon on comfort measures for l/d. The jacuzzi, the shower, positioning, aromatherapy, massage, etc. It was very interesting. One ob doc even attended. No waterbirths here yet, but maybe in the future. The docs are very scared of shoulder dystocia.

My old hospital used to do them and it was a little more than scarry at times...other times it worked out just fine. We had a HUGE inservice on them and had people come show us how to work the "boat" and what to do in emergencies. There was a committee and a policy. So if your insitution is starting them I would think it be wise to have some policies in place so that you have a guidline, if they don't already. The midwives did our and there where policies on prenatal testing (MUST be free of HIV, HbSAg, Hep A, Hep C, HSV) GBS pos must still get the abx x 2 before going in, pit turned off for 30 min and a documented reactive strip of at least 30 min. Also remember not letting them get in until they where at least 4 cm...it can slow down labor. There were rules on temps (if I recall correctly must be between 99.4-100.5 ideal was 100.0. UGH there are lots of little things that go into it, much more than what I mentioned! My best advice is to hook up with a midwife, look around on the web and MOST importantly know how to work the tub! You could easily have a flood if you are not careful...we did!!!

I must say after reading the placenta keeping people page...that this makes this seem more "normal" to me!!!!

Originally posted by lisaloulou

Good grief- why would the docs care if a lady had an epidural or not?

We are pushed to "encourage" epidurals because the docs don't like "out of control" births. I heard a doctor talking the other day wondering when she was going to get a "nice, easy, epidural birth" she was "tired of all the natural births" she'd had lately (there were 2 that week).

I am all for epidurals if that is what the patient chooses (if it is an informed choice) by the same token I think moms who want "natural" labor should be allowed to have it (with the proper education).

I felt like I betrayed myself the other day..... had a mom who was opting for natural and it was going poorly. She had been 3 for quite a while with pit up to 20 for hours. I think she was unprepared for a lengthy labor (she had not had classes) she was just hoping it would go quick. I explored the reasons she didn't want the epidural and I found she was just really uneducated about the whole thing. I felt like I pushed it on her but she was really not doing well and I addressed all her concerns and had anesthesia do the same..... her husband also wanted her to have it..... felt kinda bad about it at first... but I know it was best for the patient in the long run..... *sigh*

I know this is off topic, but I just read an article in MCN, I think it was a 2001 issue about dads' feelings about epidurals. It was pretty intersting to see it from their point of view. Most dads questioned were relieved that their partner had an epidural and was happy and able to relate to them after it was placed. They felt very intimidated by the intense pain that she was experiencing.

Off topic, I know... But let's start giving everybody epidurals so that the dads are happy. Wouldn't want them to be uncomfortable with the pain or anything...

To the docs who want to do the "sterile lithotomy thing"....go home and take your scissors with you.

Do you guys have some docs or CNM's who will help encourage a change in practice?

I know midwifery helped all of our docs to become less medicalized.

Who the heck do these docs think they are to frown on someone's birthing choices? I love the comment about a "more controlled birth". Sounds like a doc, doesn't it? HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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