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  1. For those of you looking for a Statistics course, Seattle community colleges, I find, are the most affordable online Statistics course. U of Phoenix and other online schools are over $1,000. If you're a resident of WA, it's only half of that at WA community colleges. I'm currently applying for a DNP FNP at Seattle U, and my stats class is over 5 years ago.

    With that, has anybody taken online statistics course at any of the SEattle community colleges? I'd love to know cuz I just signed up
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  3. by   BeccaznRN
    I recently took the hybrid Stats course through North Seattle College. Lessons and weekly homework were completed online with a 2.5-hour class held once a week for tests/quizzes and review. It worked very well for me. I don't know if I could've done the entire course online, but the hybrid setup was a great alternative.
  4. by   Ajeffrey
    I just finished online stats w/ a Texas community college (I know you are requesting info for Seattle-based). We used Pearson "My Stat Lab" which most schools around the country use, and were required to take exams using a web-based proctor. It wasn't too bad. I have severe math-phobia. Usually I completely shut down. I managed to have an A right up until the final--and finished the course with a high B. I have a 4.0 in all my other BSN coursework so far--but I gladly accepted the B. You will do great.
  5. by   paisling
    I took the online Stats (maybe math 212?) from SCC and got an A. Online isn't for everyone but I liked the way tutorials were set up. It is a content heavy course - I had an assignment or quiz almost every day.
  6. by   thewhitechickoj
    Lower Columbia College in Longview, WA offers an online 5-credit statistics course (Math 210). There's very little teacher involvement as it heavily relies on the MyMathLab material from Pearson, and when I took it you could take your tests online at home via ProctorU. I had several friends successfully complete this class online, but I personally had to withdraw from it and take it again on campus. I'm an Oregon border resident and my tuition there was about $120/credit.
  7. by   ami.625
    @paisling Who was your instructor? I'm taking stats online at south this upcoming winter with Frank Post.
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    Quote from ami.625
    @paisling Who was your instructor? I'm taking stats online at south this upcoming winter with Frank Post.
    I had Morales and Muhich. I don't remember whose class I was registered for, as they taught it together.