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  1. Good morning! I am working on selecting the RN program I am going to aim for - and I wondered... in the Seattle, Eastside hospitals, which school programs are considered superior? I am sure they all have their merits... but when two candidates show up and one has schooling from... Lake Washington Tech, and the other... North Seattle CC - is there a difference? (all things being equal like GPA, etc... ) I'm new to the area and don't have a feel for school reputations - paying as much as we do and spending as much time on something so important, I would like to be at a school that is well-respected in the hospital hiring community... I want to get hired when I am finally done and don't want something as silly as a school choice to wind up being a hinderance...

    I know this is a little touchy - but any honest thoughts on it would be so very appreciated!!

    thank you so much!! :bowingpur
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  3. by   caliotter3
    In almost all cases employers do not care about one's education. They want to know if your license is clear and whether you have a solid background of experience. That being said, it doesn't mean you shouldn't attend the best program possible.
  4. by   Nurse4life09
    I agree with the above replier, but I've heard that SU has a great rep, so does North. Or is it Shoreline CC? SPU has a RN program as does Northwest College in Kirkland.
  5. by   caseofthemondays
    The University of Washington in Seattle is #1 in the nation, but employers aren't as concerned with where you went to school. Just get the education.
  6. by   just_cause
    Employer's look at the whole person - where you go to school is part of the image that they look at along with your GPA. Situation dependent it may or may not matter - I would say that as competition stiffens along with the economy that every factor is more important. I would do what the previous poster stated and get in the 'best' school you can. When there are X applicants who all have an education... your previous experience, your gpa, where you went to school, etc all are taken into account - these factors may either make you stand out from the pack. I know my previous job (non-nursing) one of the first questions you are asked is where you went to school... and yes it mattered.
  7. by   j450n
    In the Seattle area, I've heard consistently good reviews from Shoreline nursing students. If you're looking up north, Everett has a great reputation as well.

    North only has the LPN to RN option, I believe.