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  1. Telephonic Case Management

    Try 3rd party companies (contract with health insurance companies and large corporations) That's how I landed my job with no prior CM experience, just home health. PM me for more specifics. :)
  2. diabetes management

    2 questions on DM Management: 1) 3 cups of coffee a day, pt not eating at all (pt is scared to eat CHO as it will raise his BS, was educated on not eating also keeps BS elevated), blood sugars still in 200-300s even on 20U insulin and SSI. does the ...
  3. I completely understand your concern. I was definitely you (and still am even now sometimes). What has helped me is repetition. Doing something over and over, it becomes second nature to you. Once you get comfortable with something, your anxiety ...
  4. Failed my NCLEX 3 times now

    Oh man, I feel your pain! Hugs!! It took me three times to pass that blasted thing. Def quit with the Kaplan, I never felt like that was helpful. What helped me was getting review books on tape, or CD. That way you can listen to the information w...
  5. Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    Huh, I've never thought about this, but as a nurse we have to carry out doctor's orders regardless of our own beliefs or whatever. I have plenty of patients who are full code and 90-something years old with all sorts of cardiac problems and diabetes...
  6. 1. Usually between 10 and 1030, it often takes me 30min to drive to my first patient. 2. Ideally 6am so that I can go running before work, but no later than 7am, I usually log in by 8 or 830am. 3. Usually an hour time frame, occasionally after lunc...
  7. How to deal with constant calls to come into work?!

    Welcome to Nursing. Except for business hour nursing jobs (clinic) they will always call you. Just turn off your phone, or just don't answer when they call you. DO NOT feel guilty. If you are in school they should respect this. They are just loo...
  8. Primary household earner?

    I'm currently the breadwinner as my husband is in school fulltime. Once he's done, we will be making about the same amount, I might make about 10K more, but in a few years he will be making 6 figs and I'll be a SAHM. :)
  9. Your Worst Mistake

    I shutter thinking about this, but have since learned from my mistake. As a new grad with only a few month's experience, I was working on a neuro/neurosurg floor. I cannot remember what disease my patient had, but something neuro. The R1 was doing...
  10. How to get into L&D??!!

    hi All, I have been an RN for 5 1/2 years and have worked in med-surg, clinic, OR, and home health. During nursing school I didn't really want to be a L&D nurse, but I really enjoyed the clinical, more so than anything else. I initially wanted ...
  11. Young Looking Nurses

    LOL, I am 28 and I look like I'm 12. I get carded at the movies, and obviously bars, etc. Hopefully one day I will appreciate it, but I hate it now, esp as a nurse. I always introduce myself as so and so, RN, and I tell them how long I have been a...
  12. I hate this #$(*!!!

    Hi everyone, I've been a nurse for just over 4 years now. I've hated about 90% of it. I'm miserable, I'm always tired, always grouchy, never have time or energy or desire to see my friends, initially gained 30lbs (lost about 15), never had acne.......
  13. Psychiatric Home Care Nursing

    I'm sorry I misread your post. It now makes sense.
  14. What is psych nursing like exactly?

    I did happen to meet someone who worked there, totally out of the blue. But I've since lost touch with that person. I think I will just try to shadow there for the time being.
  15. How much are nurses making?

    Hey I was making 24/hr at UW with a car paying off student loans with 800/mos rent and i was doing fine. I actually bussed to work so it cut on my parking/gas to work, but in Seattle you pretty much need a car because our bus system SUCKS!!! Or at ...