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  1. Hey nurses!

    Does anyone have info on when WHC takes applications for their nurse residency program? The web site doesn't offer much info. Thanks!

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  3. by   PolaBar
    I applied when I saw the job listed in their Employment section. They just started a new residency program last week (End of July?, previous ones this year were in February and April), so it will likely be a few months before the next one starts. I don't know when they would open applications for that one, assuming there is one.
  4. by   0402
    In the recent past, they have also had one that starts in October. I believe the jobs appears on their website in late July/ early August.

    ETA- I just looked on their website, and they have an ad up right now for a 22 October start for the next residency. Did you search their openings?
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  5. by   amdc
    Thanks for your help! I plan to take the NCLEX in January, and the ad says I need to have taken the NCLEX by the time the program starts in October. I might just apply anyway. Does anyone know if this would make a difference?
  6. by   PolaBar
    Why would you wait until January to take the NCLEX? I'd advise taking it as soon after graduation as possible while everything is still fresh in your head. Regardless, if you plan on taking it in January, they will likely/possibly have another cohort starting in February.
  7. by   luvly189
    Do they accept nurses with an associate's degree? Or is bachelor's required?
  8. by   PolaBar
    I don't know. I have a bachelor's, and I never ask what other people have.
  9. by   elBSN
    They are accepting applications now and I think they will be starting to interview soon! I am applying for the October cohort. I also have my BSN, and I am unsure if they accept ADN. Good luck!
  10. by   bluehenRN
    I also applied for the October cohort! Do you know how soon they contact you to select your top focus areas and set up interviews?
    luvly189 I looked at the RN Residency post again and it didn't say anything about degree type just that they are hiring RNs. I assume as long as you pass NCLEX before the start date that'd be okay. You might want to give HR a call to confirm though.

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