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  1. I wish I had known there were others moving to the area looking for a roommate. I have already found somewhere to live. I am relocating to the area too. A lot of people live in columbia heights, along Wisconsin, or in MD. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone looking for a roommate- I wish you luck! See you in Oct
  2. elBSN

    WHC OR RN Bridge Program October 2012

    Glad to hear your interview went well! It took them 8 days to get back to me. I think this time really varies though based on which unit you interviewed with/how busy they are. If you don't hear from them in 7-10 days, I think it would be a smart move to e-mail (not call-I've found the response rate is better via e-mail) HR and mention you that you are still very interested/wanted to follow up. Good luck! Sending prayers your way. I hope to see you come October!
  3. elBSN

    WHC October Residency 2012

    It took me eight days to receive my invitation to interview. It may take longer now that they are interviewing many people, arranging physicals, and getting things ready for the start up of the program. Good luck!! Let me know if you get in. I have decided to accept a position- Hope to see you all at orientation
  4. elBSN

    Georgetown University Hospital New Grad 2012

    For those of you that got accepted- how much care tech/other experience did you have when you applied? Are you enjoying working at this hosptial?
  5. elBSN

    Inova Health System

    Just curious- what do you type in when searching for new grad positions? RN I or new grad?
  6. elBSN

    My first year of nursing :)

    Thanks for posting this! I am very worried to be starting my first year of nursing within the month. Looking back is there anything else you would have done differently? Any advice?
  7. elBSN

    The First Year Newbie Nurse Survival Plan

    Thank you for posting this!
  8. elBSN

    Jobs in New England/Colorado for a New Grad

    Funny thing Ashley- I am from Colorado. The job market it pretty tight out there. I am moving to the DC area for family and saw that you recently accepted a position at WHC. Looking forward to meeting you come Oct! Let me know if you know of anyone looking for a roommate
  9. Hello all! I applied for the October 2012 RN Residency program - top 3 choices 1) cardiac surgery step-down 2) cardiovascular step-down 3) medicine cardiology. I would be well researched before the interview and always professional. I personalized my resume and cover letter specifically to the hospital. I am not sure if these things helped me get selected, but they can't hurt. I received an offer for the October 2012 residency on 4F-cardiac surgery step-down! I am moving from Colorado, so I will be looking for advice and a roommate or two! Good luck!! I hope to be seeing some of you in October
  10. elBSN

    October RN Residency at Washington Hospital Center

    I too received the e-mails. It did not take long to receive a call to interview, but this does not mean you should worry! They accept a large number of new grads and it takes time to get back to everyone. I too responded in a professional detailed fashion. Make sure you answer all questions fully (it took me reading the e-mail twice to see that one question had two parts to it). Good luck!
  11. elBSN

    WHC OR RN Bridge Program October 2012

    I received an e-mail with a job offer. I would prepare for the interview just as you would for any hospital. I found it helpful to research questions online (especially behavioral type questions) and review my journals from nursing school (so I had some examples). And of course always dress to impress! Good luck!!
  12. elBSN

    WHC October Residency 2012

    Good luck to those of you who are in the process of applying! The RN Residency is up always- so I applied well in advance. I went through the interview process. They asked many behavioral type questions and included some straight-forward scenario questions. Now a week and a half later, I received a job offer for 4F- the cardiac surgery step-down unit. Has anyone else accepted? I am moving from Colorado and will be looking for places to live/a roommate. If anyone is interested please feel free to PM me!
  13. elBSN

    The stuff you don't learn in school

    PolaBar I would love to pick your brain about working at WHC- I was just offered a position. PM doesn't work for me since I haven't started 15 threads yet. If you could share your experiences, I would appreciate it! Thank you!
  14. How are you liking it? Sibley seems like a hospital with a close-knit staff. What swayed your decision? Just curious because I am having to decide between the two hospitals now. Thanks!
  15. elBSN

    Sibley Memorial Hospital

    Hello! Just curious if you are currently working at Sibley. I have interviewed with them and have a job offer at WHC. It seems like a good hospital that has a close-knit staff, but may be a little small. What was the start of the program like, and how is it going for you? Thank you!