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  1. luvly189

    Interview for health insurance RN

    Hi, everyone. Quick question. I just got an interview for an RN position at a health insurance company as a case manager. However, I am 4 months pregnant. Should I tell them I'm pregnant? I don't want to risk losing the job if I do get hired because of being pregnant and having to take time off. What should I do?!!!
  2. luvly189

    I hate floor nursing!

    So I've been a nurse a little over a year and I absolutely hate it. I'm physically and emotionally drained. I'm tired of the anxiety attacks before work, and feeling like a failure after. I really want to quit but I can't because I have a mortgage and bills to pay. Does anyone know of non bedside jobs that are more easier to handle. I would prefer insurance company nursing but it seems they want at least 3 years nursing experience. I just don't know what to do. Will anyone hire someone with 1 year of experience? I'm just trying to stick it out one more year in bedside but it's really hard. Please help!!
  3. luvly189

    non hospital nursing

    Hi. I'm looking for a job that isn't in the hospital setting. I did a year in the hospital on a telemetry unit and absolutely hated it. I'm wondering if I'll ever like nursing . I've been looking at Ltc facilities as well as home health and county prisons. My problem is when I look at reviews everything is negative. Everyone is always complaining about their job and I don't know if there will be a nursing job I will actually like. All the negativity is so discouraging I'm getting depressed in the job hunting process. I guess I wanna know is there anyone who actually likes their job that isn't in the hospital? Or is it just gonna gonna be a living he'll wherever I go?
  4. luvly189

    Jobs for New ADN Grad RN? Bleak outlook or glimmer of hope?

    Try Harbor hospital. That is a good place to start especially with an ADN. A good handful of my classmates got accepted around the same time I did. Everyone there is pretty friendly and helpful. Also check out Johns Hopkins Hospital. I worked there as a tech. I may be able to talk to someone for you if you are still interested. Inbox me if you want more information. Good Luck!!
  5. luvly189

    Jobs for New ADN Grad RN? Bleak outlook or glimmer of hope?

    I understand how you feel I just got hired after almost six months of searching but I basically had to bug the hell out of the HR lady. Just be persistant. Once they see how much you want the job they will find a way to get you in for an interview. Good luck!
  6. Hi. I have just been hired at harbor hospital and was wondering does anyone work there? How long is training? I am hoping 6 months because I'm feeling uneasy about this. I have been out of nursing school for three months now and feel that I am forgetting more as each day goes by. any information would be helpful. Thanks.
  7. luvly189

    Does having a share day mean that I have the Job?

    I did a share day last week and still have not received a call or email. I was told I would hear something sometime this week even if they didnt want me
  8. Hi. I have recently graduated and passed the NCLEX. I have been interviewed at Harbor Hospital and done a share day. Does this mean that I have the job? I am really counting on this due to financial issues. Thanks.
  9. luvly189

    WHC Residency Program

    Do they accept nurses with an associate's degree? Or is bachelor's required?
  10. luvly189

    UMB Spring 2011

    same here with "commitee ready"...this is rediculous
  11. luvly189

    umb teas exam

    So i just took my teas exam yesterday and i recieved a 77.4% overall. Does anyone know if this is a good enough score to make it into the spring semester at umb? also is it easier to get into spring semester rather than fall? I am applying for the BSN program there and i just finished all of my requirements and i am really hoping that this score will be sufficient
  12. luvly189

    AACC RN Nursing Question

    hello i am just wondering if i have a good chance to get in to the RN nursing program at AACC in the spring semester. I made the waiting list for the fall of 2010 so im wondering since i got that far if i would have a better chance for the spring. there is still a possibility that i might make it for this fall but i have decided that i want to just wait till spring semester.
  13. luvly189

    AACC Waiting list

    So i got my letter today and they have me on the waiting list. Does this mean there is a good chance that i might get in? I really hope so. Either way i am getting my health examination, CPR, and Criminal background check done as early as possible just in case. If anyone has information plese let me know i feel so close yet so far away right now. Thanks and congrats to the people who did make it in.
  14. luvly189

    acceptance letter

    Has anyone recieved an acceptance letter from the AACC Nursing Program yet? Just curious 'cause im getting so anxious waiting to see if I got in.
  15. luvly189

    AACC Semester Over!!! Im So Nervous!!

    thanks im lookin forward to it
  16. So the semester is over and acceptance letters will be mailed out sometime next week. I am praying that God does and a miricale and allows me in. I am hoping a 3.3 or 3.2 will get me in. If i dont make it in Im gonna cyr my eyes out. Please keep me in your prayers. By the way for the people who also apllied for the fall semester...Good Luck!!

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