Washington Hospital Center RN Residency October 2011

  1. Hey everyone,

    I am from FL and I just applied to the RN Residency program which begins October 17. Has anyone heard from the recruiter besides the preference email that is sent out after you fill an application?

    I applied a little after mid night and the application is already taken down! I hope I get it, I really want this

    Please reply if you applied!
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  3. by   ucfRN
    Okay well although today is Saturday, I got an email from HR requesting an interview. I was blind carbon copied on the email so I guess it was sent to more than just me. I hope to hear soon as I live in florida and they want to see me next week! ahh! I had nothing and now I have to fly up. So excited but replying to my own post.
    Wish me luck, I have been praying about this for months and since I'm in financial constraints, this would be a savior.
  4. by   ciku03
    Hey ucfRN, did you get the job at washington hosp. center? I recently applied for october 2012 and i have not heard from there. do you have previous healthcare experience? I have a ADN? are you BSN or ADN? i am just so nervous ...i want this so bad. i have been looking for a job since april
  5. by   PolaBar
    Just make sure you apply for the DC license ASAP (if you think you'll get the job). I'd apply in person if you come up for the interview since it can save some hassle. It is expensive, though $265, plus the fingerprinting fees. You need the DC license before you start the position, and it can take a month or so to get.
  6. by   dcrn11
    Hi all. Just so you know, the RN residency accepts only BSN new grads. They may accept ADN grads with some experience (over 2 years) in one specialty who'd like to switch specialties. Good luck to all those trying to get in.

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