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  1. ciku03

    Anne Arundel New Grad 2012

    RNurse_S, i applied for the Nursing graduate starting in Feb 2013 yestereday and i received an email today from a recruiter confirming receipt of my application. Did you hear anything from them? I am really praying i hear from them! I need a job so bad.
  2. hello RN_EV, so did you ever hear from Virginia hospital center? I am in the same boat. i spoke to a nurse recruiter and she told me to wait for a call in one or two weeks. If you interviewed, could you please share how the interview process was? thanks
  3. ciku03

    New Grad/RN opportunities??

    Hello fashionistaRN, I applied to Virginia hospital center because they have a fellowship program for new grads. I am interested in L&D and they have an opening. I did my phone screen/interview today and the recruiter said if i hear from them it will be in 2 weeks.
  4. ciku03

    New Grad/RN opportunities??

    hello, has anyone interviewed at virginia hospital center for their rn fellowship program? how is the interview process? i received a call/voicemail from a nurse recruiter but i have not been able to get hold of her. is there like a phone screen/interview before the interview. Please help! i am so anxious and nervous. i relly need this job
  5. Hello AshleyBSN I applied for the RN internship at Washington Hosp. center for Oct. 2012 on 8/15/12 and have not heard back from them. did you already get an interview date? This is the second time i am trying to get in and i am really praying they call me. Good luck
  6. ciku03

    How long is it taking to land your 1st new grad job?

    If i may ask which hospital did you land a job? I graduated in Dec 2011, passed NCLEX in march 2012 and have been looking actively since April. I have filled over 100 applications and gotten 2 interviews with nursing homes but no job offer. My desire is to work in a hospital. Do you have any tips? Best of luck in your new job.
  7. Hey ucfRN, did you get the job at washington hosp. center? I recently applied for october 2012 and i have not heard from there. do you have previous healthcare experience? I have a ADN? are you BSN or ADN? i am just so nervous ...i want this so bad. i have been looking for a job since april
  8. ciku03

    Landed a New Grad Job!

    What state are you in Caliheart RN? I am in the DC are and i have submitted more than 100 applications and not even one interview with the hospitals. I think i will do what you did and just walk in the hospital. i have nothing to lose. thanks for all your tips. btw i graduated in Dec 2011 and took NCLEX and passed in March so i have been looking since then. Very frustrating.
  9. ciku03

    Washington Hospital Center RN residency

    Has anyone applied for the RN residency program at Washington Hospital center and have they heard back. I think the program starts in October. I have been actively looking for a job since June and all the hospitals have turned me down. I am starting to wonder if they is someone out there who will give me a chance
  10. Feeling very bad. Did not make it on the intern exam at Washington Adventist Hospital. But i believe in miracles...so who knows. Apparently they are not letting the applicants re test since there is no time. Anyway, God knows my fate and where i will land a job.
  11. Has anyone who applied to washington adventist heard from the recruiter? how is the intern exam?
  12. I heard from the recruiter today. I will go for the pre hire exam before i can go in for an interview. How competitive is it to get in the new grad program? how is interview process?
  13. ciku03

    Any places I'm missing?

    Has anyone applied at Howard county general hospital RN fellowship program. I applied recently and my application status changed to "I am being considered for a position ....and will be contacted if they wish to schedule an interview.. My question is regarding the application status and what are my chances of even being called in for an interview