MedStar Washington Hospital RN Residency Program Feb 2017

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I would like to invite everyone who applied to the upcoming MS WHC RN program, or who applied to a previous residency program to post here.

    For those who previously applied and interviewed, do you have any interview tips?

    For those who applied to the upcoming program, what units did you select? Do you have any previous RN or CNA experience?

    I'm finishing up an accelerated BSN program, and I don't have any previous experience (I haven't had the time!). I selected the stroke unit and the ER as my top choices, but I also told them that I would be open to other units.

    This will be my first interview for an RN position, so I am nervous!
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  3. by   angi24
    hey! i applied and am graduating in december from an absn program. i've been working as a CNA for a little over a year at the hospital associated with my program. i applied to the ICUs and med onc unit and am interviewing next friday!
  4. by   tbox93
    Hi, I have an interview next week. I was wondering if the program definitely starts in Feb, that's a long time from now and I graduated in May. If anyone could help??
  5. by   stellalove10
    I applied to MWHC, I received notification to take the battery test the next day, 2 days later, I received and email asking me to come for an interview. I'm graduating from an LPN to RN program this November. I did not request for any particular units, but they did offer me the interview for one of the medsurge units. My interview is schedule for this November, if anyone has any information/ or tips for interview please help.
  6. by   stellalove10
    Hi. Did you figure out when they will start the program after your interview??
  7. by   tallnurseG
    Hey!! I went through the process and got in. They ask you questions specific to your unit. Basic assessment type stuff. Trust me, you'll do fine! And they told me that if all my things are in order I will be starting Dec. I think it depends on what unit you're going be in ( I'm in the ED)
  8. by   stellalove10
    Thanks for the updates. Good luck in your new position. Do you have a BSN or an ADN? Have you take your Nclex yet? I'm asking because I haven't take the Nclex yet, I hope they will hire me pending the license.
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  9. by   tallnurseG
    Thanks!! I have my BSN. good luck on your interview !!!
  10. by   angi24
    they'll hire you without your license
  11. by   chelocean11
    How soon after applying did they contact you about an interview?
  12. by   tallnurseG
    For me, about a week or so
  13. by   angi24
    about a week for me too
  14. by   kingvonnBSN2017
    They contacted me for an interview as well. I am graduating with my BSN in May. I chose the medical psych unit and the NICU.