how do washingtonian hospitals feel about excelsior college

  1. I am thinking about enrolling in excelsior's LPN to RN program and was hoping I could find other excelsior grads in the area and ask if they had trouble finding work because if any hospitals discriminate against excelsior. i ask this bc i know in California, its hard to get a job as an excelsior grad...
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  3. by   wigglesgogo
    I am wondering about this as well. I am thinking of going that route. Did you get any private responses yet? I was hoping a nurse manager or someone who has seen worked with excelsior grads.
  4. by   stillwant2banurse
    I am currently thinking about that route as well, and would like to be in a state that is supportive of it. However, I am not at that point yet, why not just call some of the hospitals and speak with a recruiter about it, they should be more than happy to assist and if you get any feedback, then you could let us know as well.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I have never heard of anyone having any problems. As a matter of fact, my friend interviewed for a job one time and the interviewer took the opposite approach. She praised her for her EC degree and she got the job. For the most part, any prejudices would be an individual opinion. If the institution is against EC grads, you could find out by contacting HR before applying.
  6. by   chachi1212
    well i am nursechachi, i just forgot my password so i created another username and i wanted to update u guys on the whole excelsior.... do it if you can!
    georgetown university hospital has been paying for me to complete this and its a very flexible way of doing the LPN to RN bridge. I can offer more tips if any of u are interested:wink2:
  7. by   honeyblpn
    Its great to hear that Georgetown recognizes a great school like EC! Keep up the good work!
  8. by   wigglesgogo
    Hi, yes please tell me more. Which state do you live in? I am intrested in this program and possiably forming a study group. What are you using to study. I have seen people recently saying they are failing some of the concepts. But EC's new pricing structure is great and very tempting. I am trying to get myself in the dedicated frame of mind to study consistantly for 1 year. Thanks for responding and congrats on taking the leap