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  1. Hello everyone, I graduated since December and have passed my boards since January. I have been applying but no luck and it is getting harder to care for my family without any income coming in and I have to start paying back school loans next month. The latest application submitted was for Medstar Washington Center April residency but I have not been even contacted for an interview. Is it best to visit HR and speak to someone? Does anyone know if they have already had an interview day for this month and concluded the hiring process. Also is it possible to go back to school in order to obtain a Master's degree without any experience? Any input is appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   2011RN
    I graduated in 2011 and it took me 7 months to secure a nursing position.
  4. by   katymom
    2011RN, what a long time without a nursing position, thanks for sharing.
  5. by   MissM.RN
    OP, can you relocate? if so, send me a private message. i can give you a couple of leads. if not, best of luck to you. the job market for everyone has been horrible since the 2008 crash!
  6. by   Stella_Blue
    I had the same problem. I had my heart set on working ER, then it turned into maybe ICU, then it was just anything in the hospital market. I went on more that 2 dozen interviews at 5 different hospitals. I was beat down to say the least. They all told me the same thing, they hired someone with more experience. I had even been a LPN for 3 years, graduated with honors, and had worked at the same health care facility for over 6 years. So finally I was in the same situation as you, bills we stacking up and needed to be paid. I finally broke down and decices to go to LTC. Every single place I applied to offered me a job. I actually had my choice and negotiating power. Its not my first choice but it is a stepping stone. I have been working now for just under 2 months and have already learned so much. I plan on staying around a year or so and then trying hospitals again. I actually like my job for the most part. I am on the rehab unit 2nd shift. I have been told by many people I have the hardest job there, and some days I totally agree. I just look at it as that I am getting the experience I need to be more employable to the ER. Also the pay is much better than local hospitals, so that helps ease the sting a bit. Maybe open up your horizens and lower your expectations and you will find something. I really needed to check my ego, and I did. I am doing a line of work I said I would NEVER do. Its ok in the long run though I like it more than I thought I would.
  7. by   katymom
    MissM.RN, RN I can relocate but since I am a new member, I am not able to send private messages yet, you can email at Thank you so much
  8. by   katymom
    Stella_Blue thank you, what a great point. Some nursing homes in my area unfortunately do not hire new grads.
  9. by   lovinglife2015
    If you're not working, you don't have to pay back loans yet. You can easily get a forbearance until you're employed. Been there done that, all online.
  10. by   katymom
    Thank you lovinglife2015
  11. by   katymom
    Does anyone have any information about Providence Hospital such as the facility, environment, pay or other things?
  12. by   Mindylane
    To where are you applying? Was it a BSN or ADN program? I am pretty sure 100% of my class had jobs within 6 months of graduating, and several people had job offers before graduating. There's an abundance of new grad orientation programs in this area. I suggest extending your search to NoVA/MD.
  13. by   sunrays1981
    I feel your pain. I was on here only a few short months ago saying the same thing. I luckily was offered a position in April after 6 months of searching, dozens of online apps, handful of interviews, 2nd interviews, shadows. Apply to everything that interests you no matter the experience level. There were a few people in my orientation hired onto units in positions that required experience and they were new grads. Apply at all hospitals. I really wanted to work somewhere I could take public transport or walk or bike. That didn't happen. I had to get a car with this job BUT I have a job that puts me on the road to gaining experience. There are new nurses at my hospital that commute 30-45+ minutes. It sucks Im sure but is better than being unemployed. I would rather commute than fill out applications all day Keep your head up. You will get a job, you don't suck as a person or a nurse, just stay patient and positive. Be willing to work "almost" anywhere on any unit on any shift. I took night shift, not my favorite, but its a job and experience under my belt. Remember, nothing is forever. You don't have to stay somewhere forever, once you gain some experience it opens the door to SO MANY opportunities!

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