Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency

  1. Hi everybody! Just figured I would start a thread for those starting at Medstar Washington Hospital Center in February for the Nurse Residency Program. My name is Laura, and I've been hired into the SICU. Graduating from University of Vermont in December!
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  3. by   BSN_IUP
    Hello Isibony,

    I just recently accepted a position at MWHC on 2NW CVICU. I am graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in December! Oh and my name is Derek!
  4. by   lsibony
    Hi Derek! Nice to meet you. I'm pretty excited to start, and most certainly ready to graduate. Apartment shopping is definitely a good distraction from my NCLEX studying haha.
  5. by   BSN_IUP
    I am having a weird range of emotions about starting but I am also very excited! I know, I could look at apartments for hours, and I have been haha
  6. by   angi24
    @bsn_iup, i've also been hired on 2NW!
  7. by   BSN_IUP
    Congratulations! Have either of you made an appointment with HR to start your pre-employment processing?
  8. by   lsibony
    I made mine for Feb 15th. Figured I would wait as long as possible so I wouldn't have to make multiple trips down to DC for apartment looking, preemployment etc. I'm from NY so it's a pretty decent drive as is. What about you guys?
  9. by   BSN_IUP
    Yeah that makes sense! I sent a few dates to the recruiter a couple of weeks ago and I haven't heart from her since so I am a little concerned about that. I am from PA so it's about 4 hours, not too bad.
  10. by   angi24
    I haven't yet made an appointment but I'm hoping to get it done and out of the way in mid January. Do you (or anyone else reading this) know if WHC offers a relocation package? Or any wage additions for type of degree or previous clinical experience (i.e. patient tech)? I know that Medstar Georgetown offers a relo bonus so I'm hoping WHC is the same but I haven't been able to find anything for RNs
  11. by   Chris20
    Hey Derek, I'm chris and I also accepted a position on CVICU. How are you doing with your DC license application? I am getting a little worried and I hope it gets processed before the start date. Also do you have the orientation schedule? I am unsure if I actually have it or the recruiter hasnt emailed it to me yet. Thanks
  12. by   BSN_IUP
    I don't know anything about a relocation package or any package similar to that. I could be going a lot better with my license application! I recently spoke to my recruiter and she told me I will be hearing from her in the next couple of weeks. so I am assuming we will be getting an orientation schedule soonish?
  13. by   Chris20
    I hope so! Would you want to get each other's contact info so we can keep each other in the loop?
  14. by   BSN_IUP
    Absolutely! It will be nice to have someone in the same situation to discuss things with! Do you want my Facebook link or my number haha??