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Chris20 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiothoracic ICU.

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  1. Georgetown University CRNA DNP 2020

    Checking my email every 5 minutes that I am awake. Sounds like you're handling this way better than I am haha.
  2. Information regarding Drexel’s program

    @IsofluraneBrezy Perfect, thank you for the reply. Good luck again!
  3. Information regarding Drexel’s program

    Congratulations!! Happy for you. I am curious when did you receive information for the interviews? I applied back in May and my portal has yet to be updated and I haven’t received an email yet. Thank you
  4. Information regarding Drexel’s program

    Have you heard anything? I checked today and still nothing.. I applied back before the deadline.
  5. Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency

    the link would be fine haha id rather you not get randos calling you
  6. Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency

    I hope so! Would you want to get each other's contact info so we can keep each other in the loop?
  7. Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency

    Hey Derek, I'm chris and I also accepted a position on CVICU. How are you doing with your DC license application? I am getting a little worried and I hope it gets processed before the start date. Also do you have the orientation schedule? I am unsure...
  8. New Grads Starting at WHC in October 2016??

    so apparently I'm not active enough to pm others, any other way i can contact you?
  9. New Grads Starting at WHC in October 2016??

    Hi everyone, I too have accepted a position in the CVICU 2 NW, 12/12 start. Looking for a roommate as well, and I am a male
  10. Northwell/LIJ Critical Care Fellowship Oct 2016

    Still waiting. Over 20 applications to Northwell and not even a call or email back.
  11. New York Presbyterian/Columbia (NYP Email) New Grad

    I got denied... I guess I reviewed my resume so many times that I missed a blatant typo and they saw it. Oh well still have other NYC hospitals
  12. Boston Hospital Job Market

    Hey it's been a while since your original post, have you been able to find a job inside the city? I am also interested in the health system that you were working outside of Boston, may I ask which hospital? I'll be a new grad very soon and I'm lookin...
  13. New York Presbyterian/Columbia (NYP Email) New Grad

    Still waiting as well, isn't it getting close?
  14. Is taking the CNA exam worth it for me?

    I mean I don't have to be working as a CNA, having the certification would just improve my chances of landing an entry job, at least in my opinion right?
  15. Im about to be in my third year of a BSN program at UD, and today I heard back from the NJ dept of health in regards to taking the CNA exam. Unfortunately I only have two months left of summer to work and then I go back to Delaware. I have no work/vo...