Endorsing CA RN license to DC

  1. Hi All,

    I graduated with a BSN and passed my California NCLEX in Jan 2011. I would like to have my license endorsed to DC, however, I am having a problem locating the website where I can find specific details on what I need to submit to the board of Nursing in DC. If anyone could kindly direct me to the exact location- I say thank you!

    - Does the board of nursing in DC issue spot on licenses upon endorsement?
    -Anyone have any idea how long it would take to endorse the license?

    Thanks colleagues!
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  3. by   0402
    That's the form you need- just mark the box for RN license by endorsement (I googled DC nursing license, and it took me right to the Board of Nursing website). Anyway, don't forget that because CA does not participate in NURSYS, you will also have to submit a form to CA so that they can verify to DC that you do have a license (http://www.rn.ca.gov/licensees/verifications.shtml).
    They used to issue licenses on the spot, but my understanding is that they made a change, and as of 1 Jan, there is now a background check required, so there is now a waiting period. CA took about 2-3 weeks, if I remember correctly, to send my info to DC so that my license could be issued here.
  4. by   CaliRN74
    0402, Thank you so much! very much appreciated!
  5. by   tarheel84
    I have been waiting 4 weeks now (and counting) for my background check and fingerprints to be completed. I keep checking the DC DOH website and it says it's "unchecked" but I completed it 4 weeks ago. I'm hoping that means in progress. I've been on hold all day....trying to get a customer service rep! Ergh!!! I have a job that starts June 6th...so I need a license!

    I hear things are much easier if you walk into their office....but thats hard if you're out of state!
  6. by   CaliRN74
    tarheel84, Thanks for posting. I remember reading that it was easier for those who walked in to get the process going. I am not sure I will take a trip to DC just to get a license- it's quite expensive. All the best with your license!
  7. by   jennygonyc
    I've been trying since last week to endorse my license from California to Washington DC, but unfortunately I cannot connect to their website. I called them up but a guy said that the site was ok, however it is stil not.

    Please help me, how can I download the "Application Packet". Were you guys able to successfully endorsed your licenses? How was it? How much did it costs?

  8. by   1adb10