DC New Grad Residency 2017

  1. Hello! I am a nursing student graduating in Dec 2016. I started applying to jobs in the DC area and I wanted to start a thread for anyone else is who is also applying. Where has everyone applied to so far/have you heard back?
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  3. by   Jm12345
    Hi! So I also graduate in December and so far have applied everywhere. I applied to numerous hopkins, ummc jobs, and also the RN residency at Washington hospital center. Have yet to hear anything back though, how about you?
  4. by   faithl7
    I graduate in May 2017 (RN/BSN) and want to follow your post to find out how your journey transpires! So excited for you both!!! (I'm in AZ)
  5. by   nyunursingstudent
    I've applied to INOVA, Georgetown and GW. I have an interview with INOVA in a couple of weeks but I haven't heard back from anywhere in DC yet.
  6. by   Jm12345
    I also applied to Inova , what department did you apply to and after you applied how long until you heard back?
  7. by   nyunursingstudent
    I applied for mother-baby. I had a connection through friends with someone who worked there so the process was a little bit different. What units have you been applying for? I applied for peds/nicu at Georgetown and nicu/mother-baby at GW.
  8. by   sweetsadie
    did anyone apply to children's national?
  9. by   kingvonnBSN2017
    I applied for a new grad RN residency program in DC at Washington hospital center (medical psych unit and NICU). I graduate with my BSN in May 2017 and I'm located in Baltimore.
  10. by   aameliee
    Hi! I was accepted to the CNMC NICU residency starting in March 2017. Did anyone here also apply/accept any positions at CNMC? I'm looking for roommates!!
  11. by   mooregc
    Hi, I will be relocating to DC to start working at CNMC PICU in August 2017, have you found roommates? Anyone else working here!?
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  12. by   Ers66
    If you don't mind sharing, what was your interview like for Children's?