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  1. Interview at Johns Hopkins Hospital for New Nurse Position

    Oh also, every new grad offered a position will work on their unit they applied for and automatically be put in the nurse residency program
  2. Interview at Johns Hopkins Hospital for New Nurse Position

    Hi so apply to a NC I position in a unit you like or that has a job positing. That is reserved for new grads or nurses with less than 12 months experience. That's what I did, and I received an invitation to interview about 1-2 months before graduatio...
  3. Interview at Johns Hopkins Hospital for New Nurse Position

    Hi MissPatricia, I have an interview coming up at JHH and I'm incredibly nervous. I do exceptionally well in school, I have great recommendation letters, but so so so many other nursing student. I'm nervous about the interview and was wondering how y...
  4. New grad RN December 2016

    Thanks me to!! Ha
  5. New grad RN December 2016

    Hello all, I graduate this December and I have three interviews coming up. Two at Johns Hopkins Main Campus and one for the residency program at Baltimore Washington Medical Center. I'm looking for advice from those that have worked or started as a n...
  6. DC New Grad Residency 2017

    I also applied to Inova , what department did you apply to and after you applied how long until you heard back?
  7. DC New Grad Residency 2017

    Hi! So I also graduate in December and so far have applied everywhere. I applied to numerous hopkins, ummc jobs, and also the RN residency at Washington hospital center. Have yet to hear anything back though, how about you?
  8. New Grads Starting at WHC in October 2016??

    I graduate in December and I sent in an application a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have redone my resume and being closer to graduation I want to apply again but it says not to apply twice or it will slow down the process. Has anyone else had th...
  9. New Grads Starting at WHC in October 2016??

    hello, I'm am not starting this fall, but I did apply and received the email to take the battery. If you don't mind me asking, what was your timeline like from applying to being hired. After the battery, how long did it take to hear back? Be asked fo...
  10. Hello, I'm graduating in December, I applied to WHC and received the email to take the batter. How long after you took that where you contacted? They said on their site that because of the high number of applications they can't update everyone on sta...
  11. Can you be pregnant in nursing school?

    Its definitly safe to lift when pregnant, but your right it depends on what you were use to before pregnancy to. I lifted weights for years and I deadlifted and did squats all the way up until I delivered. It's more about knowing your body and being ...
  12. Can you be pregnant in nursing school?

    Congrats on your baby and being accepted! I was pregnant through my first semester and my summer semester, had my baby via C section and went into med surg 3 weeks after. It was hard, the hormones the stress, just everything. Luckily I had some very ...
  13. New Grad, Hopkins

    have you found a job yet?
  14. New Grad, Hopkins

    Hello I was wondering if you had any luck with your job search? I'm in the same boat but I graduate in December. I'm RN to BSN enrolled already though but still will be job searching with ADN. I have seen Hopkins hire people from my ADN program that ...
  15. Nursing corps scholarship 2015-2016

    I've heard of some people recieving the scholarship without the credit check! Atleast, it did not show up on their report