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This is my first time posting in this forum. I currrently am a home health RN. I for some reason feel a calling to parish nursing but I cannot find any jobs of such in the central Ohio area. I need a job that is paid something as I have four children in college. I work between 60 to 70 hours per week in my current job so volunteering is not an option.

Do any of you work in a paid position?


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Shoot this is a very quiet forum


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Yeah, sorry Renerian. Maybe we will hear from some colleagues on this one.

At our LTC facility, we have a wonderful counselor. She uses Spirituality in her methods of treatment and shared with me that one of her life goals is to work as a Parish Counselor.

For me, I am still dreaming of doing this but alas, my financial commitments keep me focused in earning an income. I have not seen, or heard of good earnings first hand, within a Parish Nurse Environment. Again, this is part of my future goals but covering my financial commitments have to come first for now.

I do volunteer work, through the senior center, for chair massage these days. Balancing this, with my new full time job as Resident Care Coordinator has been challenging.

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In a recent issue of Nurse Week there was an article on Parish Nursing with interviews with a couple of Parish Nurses.

Long Term Care Columnist / Guide

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I just became a Parish Nurse, and like most people, I too have to earn a living so volunteering is out for me. In addition, I'm not affiliated with any church, preferring my own eclectic brand of spirituality to organized religion. So my ministry is where I already am, at the hospital.......I'm not paid extra to provide spiritual care, of course, but I do pray with patients at their request, I sit at the bedside (when I can) and allow them to vent, and I offer referrals to other religious or spiritual resources if the pt. chooses. At this time, it looks like I'm being groomed to replace our Parish Nurse Coordinator when she retires sometime in the next few years, which would be a wonderful position.....I'd still be close to the bedside, but no longer running the floors, plus I'd have the chance to really make a difference in people's lives (and deaths).

I think parish nursing is one of those things where you have to be prepared to use your imagination, and perhaps even create your own position. :)

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I appreciate all your replies and like you all, I need to work full time/pay.


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I recently appyled for and sadly did not get a paid postion at a local Methodist church. It was a postion with the Southwest Healthcare Ministry Wesley Nurse program. The church also had a soup kitchen so the nurse serves those that come to the kitchen as well as church members. It was a panel interveiw-a doctor 2 nurses and lay persons from the church. So those positions are out there, finding and getting one are not easy. Some examples of questions I was asked are " Define holism,religion and spirituality" and "List the causes of poverty" I am glad I tried. I found out about the job in local newspaper classified ad. I hope this information helps .


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I worked as a parish nurse for 2 1/2 years and loved it. However, the pay was TERRIBLE and I finally was enticed back into the hospital by the great pay rates :)


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Why don't u look into Hospice Nursing? Most Hospices have "grieving" specialists, Clergy, RN's, Social Workers, volunteers...doln't know if you need to specialize, but I would think that would be a great area to look into, and becoming a "specialist" is attainable. There is a on-line course from a Universisty where u can get a degree, re:death/dying...don't know that particular name or the school, for I bet u could find it on the web. I was thinking of doing it as well.

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I appreciate all the post with trying to help me with securing a position of this nature. I ended up finding one and the pay was so low I could not accept.


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So Ren, what about starting your own Parish Nursing. Perhaps, it may be feasible to go in, as an Entrepreneur, devise a program, have scholarships for those who can not pay etc... and charge a nominal fee. I have "thought of this" but am too distracted as I progress in my own career growth.

Tis worth some research and I would also check into the benefit of "non-profit status" in your state and paying your own salary; this is what businesses do.


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Hello Ren,

I know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to income related to Parish Nursing. I caught the fever 11 years ago. Since I live in a small town, I knew the possibility of making a living at it was nil. However, I did begin to read everything I could get my hands on. In addition, one of my jobs was in a medical center offering a Parish Nurse course, and I even participated in that. After retiring, I started a congregational health program in my own church, with the full backing of the pastor and Leadership Team. I am not, and do not wish to be, called "The Parish Nurse," since I am now retired. Rather I chair the Congregational Health Committee, with the goal in mind to assist with eventually hiring a part time nurse to head up the program, working with the CH Committee.

Suggestion: On one of your vacations, schedule yourself to take a Parish Nurse course. If you get on the web, type in Parish Nurse in the search box, you'll find all kinds. There are even correspondence and internet courses. This is what you need initially. Then, your chances will be greater for finding a job. Many large medical centers hire nurses to work in their Parish Nurse programs....they contract with churches to provide that service.

God Bless you as you progress....don't lose your vision. RetiredMSN

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