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Want to start nursing school

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I really want to attend nursing school. I will be 32 this year I'm married with 2 children. I'm feeling like it's impossible and I will be too old to get it done. I attempted last fall but had to take remedial classes that I chose to do online but that did not work out. I just feel like this is a dream of mine that is so far gone now :(

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Well, since you didn't do well with the online remedial courses, re-take them in a classroom setting. (Online is not for everyone- that's ok!)

You have to work very, very hard to become a nurse, but if you quit it will never happen. Putting in the requisite work at least gives you a chance.

Thank you. Yes I'm am going to try to register for September for my classes. Hopefully in person will be better. This just seems like a long journey with no ending lol.

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I just graduated with my ADN last week. I am 29, 3 kids, and a husband. I won't lie to you, its been hard and emotionally depleting at times. It took me 4 years because I had all the pre-reqs to take and I worked FT the first 2.5 years. It's hard on a marriage so it's important you are on the same page when you start. My husband had to take on a lot of the parental duties, especially when I was working FT going to school. Between the kids, school, and work, I rarely had free time and that gets draining.

BUT I don't regret it and it does seem like it will never end. But then one day, you will be at pinning day, and it seems like it went by in no time at all. It's a marathon and not a quick race unfortunately. I didn't do well in high school and had to study 2-3x more than most people because I had to basically re-learn everything, how to study, etc. I loved online classes but I know they don't work for some so hopefully you will do better in person.

What got me through was really wanting it. I didn't let anything get in my way and I went full force, guns ablazing the whole time, now I am really tired lol. But you can do this just be ready to work harder than you ever have before. GL!

Wow your story was very inspiring I really want this bad ever since a little girl. I'm not going to give up I am going to study so there fore I don't have to take remedial classes I am very determined to atleast finish by the age of 40 lol

I didn't think I was a science girl either, until I got awesome teachers.

I'm 37 and graduating in two weeks with my Associate's Degree of Biology. I'm taking an EMT certification course in the fall and will start a BSN program in the spring. When I finally graduate, I'll be 40. I, too, had to take a remedial class. I'm married, we have two kids and I homeschool them.

The time is going to pass either way. In just over two years, I'll be 40. I can be either be 40 with two degrees and an EMT-B certification, or I can just be 40. I chose the former.

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Wow your story was very inspiring I really want this bad ever since a little girl. I'm not going to give up I am going to study so there fore I don't have to take remedial classes I am very determined to atleast finish by the age of 40 lol

Yes, avoid the remedial classes if you can! Saves you time and money. I actually brushed up on math before I did the math placement test. I literally failed algebra 1 3x in high school but since I was older and learned better, I tested into the only math class I needed, statistics. If you can try to adjust to online classes (I would not do science or math online though) like English, psych, etc then you can get many of your pre-reqs down without out ever leaving your house.

It's just fitting this in with my full time job. I know it's doable just have to start.

It's never too late! In the place that I am applying to, last year people from 20 years old all the way to 48 years old have entered the program. And that was just last year. It is absolutely not too late!

I know exactly how you feel. Fall 2015 was when I first started looking into going back to school for nursing. I had just turned 36 and when I found out how many pre-req's I'd need to take it seemed like it was going to be SUCH a long road, even just to get to nursing school. Now here it is a year and a half later and I'm done with them all and have been accepted to the program I was aiming for and really, I look back and it went so fast! A lot of hard work of course but let me be one to tell you that you can do it, and you'll be so glad you did. Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, ya know;) I'll be 38 when I finish with my BSN. Married, 3 kids.

I'm married with 3 kids. A little younger than you at 29, but you have to start somewhere. I started my pre-reqs two years a go, and I had to take intermediate algebra before I could do college algebra. It is not easy, but I have an A in every single one of my classes. I took a couple online, but they were psychology courses where I knew I could study on my own without an issue.

Even someone who graduates as a nurse at 40, has 20-25 years of working ahead of them! If it is something you absolutely want to do, start chipping away at pre-requisites.