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  1. Pianoplaya94

    Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2018

    Hi! Do you have a university degree? I ask this because my friend is a vet technician and has a 2 year college diploma (I don't know any universities that offer degrees in vet tech). I believe you have to either have completed or be almost done a 4-year university degree. UofT puts HIGH preference on those with completed degrees. If you do have a degree, I think you will be looked at favourably since you have this experience that would be useful in the field that so many applicants won't have.
  2. Pianoplaya94

    Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2018

    Hi! I'm also applying to UofT and also have some research experience (SickKids and Health Canada) :) UofT's admission process is definitely very comprehensive. They do put a lot of weight on research/volunteer experience, references, and diversity of your undergrad program (the more diverse, the better). So if your GPA isn't the strongest, then the other parts of the application make up for it. I like this better than schools that only look at GPA. Just because you have a high GPA doesn't mean you will be a good RN or succeed in the program. The other parts of the application show that you are actually interested (and thus more likely to succeed). I just graduated this year with an undergraduate degree from UofT and I can tell you that they put A LOT of emphasis on research. The profs basically expect everyone to go to some sort of post-grad program. People kill each other for research opportunities here lol. And getting a good research opportunity is like winning the undergrad lottery haha. So I think UofT wants students who they think will contribute to research as an RN, be motivated enough to gain additional certificates, get a masters/PhD, or just anything to be an RN with a great resume (if that makes sense lol).
  3. Pianoplaya94

    Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2017)

    Thank you! I am actually in a VERY similar situation to yours! I also did lots of research (plan on using 2 PIs as references). 2 of the projects were at Health Canada and 3 of them were at SickKids (for about 18 months) :)
  4. Pianoplaya94

    Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2017)

    Hey guys did anyone get accepte to UofT with an 83 average in final 10 courses (5 FCEs)? If so, what kind of experience did you have? I'm applying for next year and really want to get in (did my undergrad at UofT) but kinda worried... thanks! I do fall under everything UofT lists as their "ideal candidate".
  5. Pianoplaya94

    Is it very difficult to get a good GPA in an accelerated BSN?

    Thanks for the reply. I definitely know I want to become an NP since I am also interested in the diagnostics side of things. I know that I want to specialize in pediatrics since I have volunteered in a number of different units at a pediatric's hospital for nearly 3 years during my undergrad. I did research for 2 of the years but I did interact with the patients and other nurses. I have looked into the direct-entry MSN program since I would LOVE to do that. Unfortunately, there is only ONE school in all of Canada that does this program and am missing many many pre-req courses for this program But even if I did do the pre-reqs, chances of getting in are very small since there's only one program. So direct entry MSN is not an option ugh
  6. Hey everyone, I have a BA with a GPA of a 3.65 in my fiinal 2 years (3.7 in my final year). I am thinking of applying for an accelerated BSN program to become an RN but my ultimate goal is to apply to a masters to become an NP. I know that NP programs are very competitive so I am wondering how difficult it is to achieve a GPA of 3.7 in an accelerated BSN so I can be competitive when applying for a masters? Fortunately, I do not have any other commitments. No children or husband and I do not need to work during the program. I will have limited responsibilities as my parents take care of that stuff. I know the GPA scale differs by school, but in Canada a GPA of a 4.0 is anything that's 85%+. A 3.7 is 80%-84%. A 3.3 is 77-79% etc.
  7. Pianoplaya94

    How to do amazing in nursing school?

    Nope not in the US. In Canada. Only 2 in Ontario and 1 in Manitoba :/
  8. Pianoplaya94

    Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2017)

    To all of you getting accepted... you are my inspirations lol! I am having a VERY hard time waiting an entire 8 months before I even apply! :/
  9. Pianoplaya94

    UBC BSN September 2017

    All of you getting accepted to nursing programs right now... you are my inspirations lol! I am having a VERY hard time waiting an entire 8 months to even apply to programs! :/
  10. Pianoplaya94

    Home health or hospital?

    I live in Southern Ontario where the median salary is around 70k per year. New grads make about 55k (28/hr). The average salary is quite a bit higher in the Niagara region (like 80-90k) for some reason. BUT with the USD to CAD conversion rate, your hourly rate for new grads is about the same as ours.
  11. Pianoplaya94

    Should I retake AP classes

    Yeah lol! In Canada, it's like that across the country. A low B would be low 70s, and a high C would be high 60s.
  12. Pianoplaya94

    ADN or BSN: What's the Big Deal?

    I've actually never heard of an ADN before coming to these forums. In Canada, associate degrees in nursing do not exist and in order to become an RN you MUST have a BSN/BN.
  13. Pianoplaya94

    New laws requiring LPNs and RNs to become BSN by 2016

    Interesting, where I live (Canada) ALL registered nurses MUST have a BSN (there is no associate's degree). We still have LPNs / RPNs, though and I don't think that will change.
  14. Pianoplaya94

    Choose Your Favorite TV Nurse

    True but she's a doctor.
  15. Pianoplaya94

    Favorite Motivational Quote

    "If you can dream it, you can do it" - Walt Disney
  16. Pianoplaya94

    Choose Your Favorite TV Nurse

    Eli from Grey's Anatomy. To be fair, there are only a couple of medical shows that I watch and he's the only nurse I can think of... but I like him