Want to pursue nursing, scared and even a little hopeless


Hey everyone!

How are you?! Been lurking and I want to finally make a thread, apologies in advance if this is the wrong section!

Anyways, here is some background I guess! I am 25 years old and I live in Michigan. I graduated with a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University. I honestly should not have been in college, I wasn't prepared mentally and was quite immature. My family always pushed me to pursue the premed track and it proved disastrous after my first year. I took a year off and attended Community College where I also worked in patient transport at a hospital. I returned to MSU in 2011 and did another 3 years finishing in 2014. I picked psychology because I didn't know what else was really out there and thought it was interesting. I ended up graduating with a low 2.5 GPA, just wanting to get the heck out of there.

After MSU I entered the College Advising Corps through Americorps and did a year long term at a high school where I worked as a college counselor. It wasn't my calling, but it was good experience. The past 2 years I have returned to my old transport job. This time around something "clicked". I feel more mature and determined, and I have loved working in the hospital. Sure, it has its ups and downs but I love the feeling of purpose and I am so happy to meet and assist patients. I will be starting a full time PCA position (basically what we call a CNA) next month and I can't wait.

However, the money still isn't enough and I am sick of scraping by. I am also sick of not being where I want to be in life. I work with so many nurses, and I truly think it would be a great career for me. I signed up for a class at OCC (Oakland Community College) for the fall, and it will be my first college course in 3 years. Because I don't have many science courses, and money is tight, have been looking at Associate's programs and OCC's looks rigorous, and competitive but seems like a great program. A few of my friends at the hospital are in it or have completed it. I'll be taking microbiology in the fall and will also have to take A and P I and II, along with Composition I and II (really regret not taking these in college, especially!).

Because of OCC's December deadline, and the amount of classes I have, I won't be able to start until 2 years from now. Its discouraging and daunting to me that it will be 4 years before I will even just have an ADN, I'll be 30... I will also have to work full time (three 12 hour shifts) a week to support myself (rent, car payment, insurance, credit cards, etc don't pay themselves!) while in the program and that is terrifying to me.

I guess I am just making this thread because I am feeling down. It all feels so unobtainable, almost like its this huge mountain to climb. I want to be determined, I want to study, I want to do well and succeed, it just all feels like so much. I am worried about juggling work and school, juggling family, paying for everything, doing well, and getting through this.

What else should I be doing? Is this a good path?

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You may want to speak with an advisor at the school. A 2.5 GPA doesn't make you a competitive candidate- the advisor may have suggestions for you to help you overcome that.

As for the age thing, many people change careers later in life. There are some threads here from people who graduated nursing school in their 50s! You're a spring chick compared to that, so don't let the age get you down.


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I was in my mid thirties before I received my ASN. It took me 3 years because of family and work.

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My gpa is from my bachelors and I didn't take many of the prereqs so I am basically starting over. Definitely going to strive to get all As in my prereqs!


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I was in my mid thirties before I received my ASN. It took me 3 years because of family and work.

Awesome! How was the program? Are you glad you chose nursing?

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I just started my first job as an RN. Of the new grad nurses one is 20 and I am almost 40. In school I was not the oldest student. Working while in school is not easy, but it has been done. You are correct...it is a mountain to climb, but in order to get there you just need to take it one step at a time. Keep your eye on the prize, but also focus on what needs to be done now. You can get there. Best of luck to you!!


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I decided to go to college for my ADN in my 30's and because it had been more than 5 years since graduating high school, I had to take extra classes. Plus I didn't do good on the accuplacer testing so I had to take a remedial math and English before taking the regular Algebra and English. Had to repeat Algebra after failing the first time. There was one semester that my schedule had mysteriously disappeared and the classes I needed were full so I had to take that semester off. I'm now finally in nurse courses with a year left but I've been taking classes for 6 years. I've been working full time while going to school so sometimes I could only take one class for the semester. It sucked but its worth it.