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Wallace State Spring 2010 Applicants


Just curious as to if anyone else is applying for the Spring admission to Wallace??

I am. I don't know if I will get in though. All of my prereqs. are older than 10 years.:(

I took A&P I at a Junior level in a 4 year school in 1993.

I think I need to retake A&P I and then go from there.


I will be applying to Wallace for the Spring Semester. I am taking Micro and AP2 this summer, so I will either be applying with 169 or 179 points, depending if I pull and A in micro or not.

I'll have 168, not counting the extra 11 points the give if I make an A in micro, which I have right now!! Just a few more weeks!


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I plan to apply but iam not sure if i will get in but i feel i will. iam not sure how many points i have

I am applying for the spring. But I never went to school there so I don't know how their point system goes... I have an A in math 112, A in a&p, B in high school chemistry and a 96 on the compass test. Can anybody tell me how many points I have an if I have a shot??? I don't think I will get the extra points since I didnt go to school there. I know I have a 187 on jeff states point system... I'm hoping to get in there for the spring, just waiting on the applications to come out so I can apply. What was the cut off for fall semester?

The cut off was 164.

Ok... So if I've added my points right then I have a 177 ( that's without the 11 points) I don't think I qualify for them since I've never taken classes there. 96 on compass. A in math 112 (30 points), A in a&p 2 (30) and a B in high school chemistry (20)... Does that sound right? I'm sending in my application next week. Did anybody send official transcript in application packet?? I also sent them to admissions but all the advisors say something different so I'm doing both just in case... I'm still waiting on high school transcript and jeff state though before I mail it. Also is anybody else mailing their app. By certified mail???

I would mail it by certified mail & include transcripts.

179 points baby, should have a pretty good shot at wallace

November is going to be a long wait!!


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cadnac22 why do you say it will be a ling wait list

not long wait list.... Just long wait... Foe the acceptance letters to be mailed in November! LOL


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hey i didnt send my applicant with my transcript because Dr.Elliott told me that all I needed to mail was the applicants its self and to make sure everything is updated and on file piror to the deadline

you would just need your high school transcripts attached if you want amy of those classes to be considered for points. It said it on application stuff


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oh okay thanks I had it sent in to admissions but i just didnt turn it in with my applicant for wallace but i did for lawson because they said to put a copy in with it

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