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Dementia,. Alzheimer's
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nurseaid07 specializes in Dementia,. Alzheimer's.

I recently been accepted in to the ADN-RN program for spring. Im excited and still shocked and enjoying my me time now while I can Lol. Spring time all about NS.

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  1. nurseaid07

    Spring 2010 Nursing Program Acceptance-Lawson State

    Well ladies dont feel bad, I got into lawson but iam going to turn it down because my overall goal was to get into the RN-program which i did at wallace state and im happy with my choice. I found out I got into the program monday morning around 11am. I wasnt expecting it because i only had 150 pts.
  2. nurseaid07

    Spring 2010 Nursing Program Acceptance-Lawson State

    hey I need to get my CPR card updated also, How do you go about doing this? With the hoover fire department
  3. nurseaid07

    Freshmen year gone bad

    I dont think it will hurt your chances of geting into the bsn program if you go to a community college i think it will help ur grades bcuz the classes are a lil smaller and you can go to totuoring which is free. Also you how to find out what works for you like reading it over and over or making flash cards or just writing it down or typing it in to word as long as i write it helps me to remeber or make a song out of it. break it up in section instead of all in one spend 30minutes on each section until u find out whats the hardest. or find out how others study try what works and so forward i hope this helps this is what i did in my anatomy class i made songs of all the bones and muscles and recorded it on my mp3 player and i also played games on line where i looked 4 just pictures and i filled in the name of the bones and muscles it all want b fun but if u want it bad enough u will figure out what works any way i hope this helps a lil bit lol.
  4. nurseaid07

    Calculations/Pharm study aid books?

    from what previous nursing students told me and when I came here they made it clear thats the book we (WSCC) will use in pharacology class. When do we have the test im stressing already.
  5. nurseaid07

    Nursing Student uniforms supplier in Birmingham?

    I like to know this also . I did like the style we had because the pants we so tight in the hips and butt area
  6. nurseaid07

    Calculations/Pharm study aid books?

    Okay wallace students how to have Calculate with confidence. I can get this from the book store or it doesnt matter?
  7. nurseaid07

    Pregnancy-Hot Baths

    I did not know this but it was interesting to read now I how to go and research to see how true.
  8. nurseaid07

    Calculations/Pharm study aid books?

    Where do you get this book from with the cd and all. I WILL be attending wallace in january and would love to know where to find this book or is it one set book that every school uses ?
  9. nurseaid07

    Gross me out!

    LOL! This is really fun to hear, on the other hand, I wonder if I'll be able to take it and move on but great stories you all. Enjoyed reading the two and the mucous one. I hope everyone will keep posting.
  10. nurseaid07

    If you got into Wallace, please check in!!

    @2brn09 I got into the general RN-ADN program but Iam pt which I only have class on Wedenesday due to the fact the block I wanted filled up fast. I have no clue where to carpool I just know I want to it would be a lot easier on my tank lol. I will know for sure by January 8, 2009 or January 11, 2009. How everything is going to be so that I can carpool I'm not sure where my clinical are going to be. Which program are you in?
  11. nurseaid07

    Orientation at WSCC

    1D or 1B Idk yet im trying to see she said if you choose a pt option you dont how to take all three classes I could take 2 of them and then sit the summer out. I just thought I would add that and someone told me that. Also Im really considering going pt just because I'm to chicken to go ahead and be full time lol. Im so happy but so scared I dont really know what to think but my friend is in the program and she is very smart and she tells me to be ready to think outside the box. there will be many answers that maybe correct but only one of them is going to be right so im trying to prepare to read,read and read lol, Cant wait until monday to see how's all there im probaly going to be asking all the questions as i have a list already lol.
  12. nurseaid07

    Orientation at WSCC

    i thinking im going with 1D. @ Product I went down there thursday and picked up the pack and she gave me a sample letter and I spoke with someone and went head and bought my nursing hand book. Also made sure my grant info was completed so I wouldnt how to worry about how im going to pay for it. Im so excited about getting in Does anyone live in the bessemer or Birmingham area I need to carpool ?
  13. nurseaid07


    From what I heard from another student letters should be coming out before the christmas break because we are suppose to have orentation before the christmas break but nobody can give out any dates . so I asked Dorthy young on Monday also before I called wallace and she said they were working on trying to get them out by the end of november or 1st week of december letters should be out .but thats if everything goes according to plans.they may come out a few days early but they are in review thats all she knows. she i not sure of the point cut off either. I plan to turn down my letter if iam in I got into wallace state rn program so hopefully some lucky person can take my seat as I already have a seat at wallace. God is good all the time.
  14. nurseaid07

    Letters go out next week...good luck!

    Product where do you live do you want to carpool i live in bessemer where are you from Iam up to carpooling if ANYBODY ELSE IS UP TO IT
  15. nurseaid07

    a&p and micro at Faulkner

    i advise taking morning classes i took morning she was great her name starts with a p. She only teaches in themorning havent took any classes during the evening so I cant say wish you the best of luck
  16. nurseaid07

    Jeff State: Jefferson campus vs Shelby campus RN program????

    Didnt get in for fall she tiffany told me I wouldnt have a chance my pts are 164pts she said I should re-take a&p1 and micro for A's and also retake the compass for a 99 i had compass test 84,math 116-C,A&P-B,A&P2-A-Mic-B. she said the cut off is usually around 187 and I'LL be 20pts short so I waited and applied for wallace spring which iam in and lawson's spring which i plan to turn down. When one door closes another one opens and he always seem to be making away for you to get to the top. good luck everybody who did get in where ever you got in and those who didnt its not the end of the world there is always next time with love and care nurseaid07.