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  1. jazzyjoy

    Wallace NUR 104 Math Question

    You need to learn the ratio and proportion and formula because it will be on your homework. You don't have to learn dimentional analysis but if you do and like it then use it! Any of them can be used on the math validation. It just depends on the one that You are most comfortable with using.
  2. jazzyjoy

    Wallace State Nursing Books

    Congrats, to you all of you getting in the nursing program! That is great that you are starting on the Calculate with Confidence book! It is really self explanatory and you will probably teach yourself better than the teacher! Getting ahead start is great. I wish I had! I was lost up until like a month ago! LOL! I still passed though! Unfortunately one of my friends didn't pass her math validation test and has to take PHARMACOLOGY completely over and can not progress with the rest of the class! Total BUMMER! It is not really hard once you learn how to do it! So getting the head start is good in your favor! Go through more than just the 1st 5 chapters, thats just basic math! Everything after that will be used throughout the course! Congrats again and get ready for the ride of your life! Not trying to scare you, just being real!
  3. jazzyjoy

    Nursing Student uniforms supplier in Birmingham?

    I personnally wouldn't! My friend had the same problem but we just had to either go with the size up or the size down or the men style or different style. Cause you would hate to buy something from somewhere else and it not look exactly the same and then they say something. Cause believe me THEY WILL!
  4. jazzyjoy

    Calculations/Pharm study aid books?

    You will be using the Calculate with Confidence at Wallace State and the book tells you pretty much how to do everything because the teacher is hard to understand. I'm not the best at math and it took me until the day before I took my test to really catch on to it. You don't take your test where you have to make at least a 90% until right before Finals starts. If you pass then you can just concentrate on your other classes. Make sure you do your homework for the chapters needed before each test and you will be ok! I didn't and suffered because of it. I now have to take the Math Validation over once again but I know I will pass it because it was careless mistakes that I made so just be careful and do your best. Make sure you find your formula and stick with it. I changed my formula the day before Math Validation because I didn't know how to do it the other way because I hadn't did my homework!
  5. jazzyjoy

    Official Jeff State/Wallace Spring 10' thread

    Sorry, it took me so long to respond! Consumed in the books! LOL! As far as Wallace goes, this is my first semester and I love it here. The teachers are understanding and will work with you if needed. They have tutoring to help with classes. Most of the students have different study sessions anyway to help out when you are going to have an test. At first I was very overwhelmed by the three classes as I am taking it full time. There is a lot of reading and CRITICAL THINKING!!! There was one class where the teacher was kinda boring and you basically had to teach yourself but her test come straight from the book, so if you read you will be fine. I do carpool with someone who I have been friends with for sometime. I live in the Pinson. There are always people looking to carpool with other people. I know we have someone who commutes from Kentucky and Atlanta to Wallace. I did attend Jefferson State for my prerequisites and did not do that well. I wish I would have switched schools sooner than I did. Not bad mouthing Jeff State but I didn't even waste my time applying. There are several girls that go to Wallace now who came there from Jeff State because they had a hard time. Now don't get me wrong, all nursing schools are hard but some can be just ridiculous. At this time Wallace and Bevill have the highest pass rates on the NCLEX test in this area at the community colleges. That is what you really need to be concerned with because you can go through the program all you want and if you can't pass that test, then it was for nothing. Nurse Cece you made a great choice and I hope to see you at Wallace one day. Maybe I can help you with some of your classes!
  6. jazzyjoy

    Official Jeff State/Wallace Spring 10' thread

    I go to Wallace State now and I live an hour from it and 10 minutes from Jeff State. I have to say it is worth the drive! I'm glad you got into both schools Cadnac but I will pray for you because Jeff State is NO JOKE!! Look at the ABN website and look at the score for the past rates! Just try your best and remain focused! There will be a lot of tears shed. I know personnally because I haven't seen so many people cry until I got into the nursing program. Get ready for it.
  7. jazzyjoy

    Lawson State Hopefulls

    LOL! DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! NOTHING IS EASY ABOUT THIS NURSING PROGRAM IF YOU ARE TAKING IT FULL TIME!!!! They are not playing any games with you for sure. Just know your life as you know it is over and your life needs to be centered on Nursing!!! I have a hard time focusing on all 3 of my classes for focusing on one. I think one is more important when they all are. HEAD IN A BOOK!!! ALL I GOT TO SAY!!! Not trying to scare you just telling the absolute truth so you can prepare yourself! It can be done though! :)
  8. jazzyjoy

    Lawson State Hopefulls

    The cut off was 164! My letter was dated July 1st and I got it like the 3rd!
  9. jazzyjoy

    Wallace State Nursing First Day

    Girl, I was sitting directly in front of you!!!
  10. jazzyjoy

    Wallace State Nursing First Day

    Justshe I don't think you exist!! I was sitting right by where you were supposed to be sitting in block D!!!! I did call your name because this one girl laughed at me for calling that name out!! Good Luck Alert! Be prepared for your ride at Lawson because I already see it is a ride here at Wallace!!
  11. jazzyjoy

    Wallace State Nursing First Day

    Well today was the first day! Actually, I'm on my break! I was just spent the last 3 hours being very well informed on a lot of things, ATTENDANCE being the main thing!! Just wanted to know how everyone's day went!
  12. jazzyjoy

    Lawson State Hopefulls

    Check the Alabama Board of Nursing and you will see what we are talking about!
  13. jazzyjoy

    Wallace State Spring 2010 Applicants

    The cut off was 164.
  14. jazzyjoy

    Lawson State Hopefulls

    I got my acceptance letter also but am declining as I am sticking with Wallace! I look forward to seeing you too Justshe on the 18th! Good Luck to everyone!!
  15. jazzyjoy

    WSCC Fall 09 - textbooks

    You have to ask one of the cashier's for it and they will go and get it!
  16. jazzyjoy

    Lawson State Hopefulls

    Also I can register for the nursing program now and I couldn't before so I am pretty sure that the change of the major and advisor means that you are in!