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Okay, I am starting to get a little concerned. I precepted for 120 hrs (3rd shift) in a very busy ER. I busted my tail and learned tons. I filled out an application 2 months ago and still haven't gotten a call for an interview. Some of my fellow students have already interviewed for this position. I am a little confused. My grades are good (3.8), I am in the top 5% of my class, my skills are solid, and my preceptor gave me great reviews. Is there anything else I can do? I did get email saying that I am still being considered. I am not sure how to take this. Help please!!!! I love the ER and I know that this is where I need to be.


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Coul be a couple things; could be another applicant was deemed a better personality-fit for the unit, the position already has been "unofficially" filled (as they are required by law in my state to post for a specified period of time, or your application never made it past the door in HR. Try calling the director directly.

If you don't get the job it likely is not any fault of yours. It's that somebody has favors to return and you were never in the running to begin with. I am seeing this scenario for most ngs I know who do get hospital positions. Remember that they don't care that you might make a good nurse, nobody is concerned enough to hire with that in mind these days.


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Hi! If you could apply to Critical Care unit, it would help you to get in the doors. As ER and Critical Care Unit are fast paced areas in the nursing field. Try to apply as many places you can, don't settle down for the one area. Getting an whole tour of different areas into the nursing field would really help you.

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i agree with onaclearday and justagypsy.... also, there is the scenario that one or more of the nurses and/or techs who worked with you did not like you! the hiring managers talk to everyone on the floor. if you worked for as many hours as you say, then the staff has an impression of you. you may not even know that it is a bad impression until you don't get the job and someone who is hired lets you know about the negative feelings and gossip. in fact, i know of a rn who lived this scenario as a new grad. she was not hired by a hospital after a yearlong externship because of the gossip and the general feelings staff members on one floor had of her.

I really appreciate the help. Thank you so much!


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are you a new nurse? Have you just graduated, or are you in school? Did you apply to be a CNA? Not clear on these things from your posts.

My ER is quite picky about ANYONE they are hiring right now. From CNA's to RN's. Very very picky.

I applied for a RN position in the ER where I precepted. The requirements for the position were previous ER experience. The post for the position also stated that new grads would only be considered if they precepted in this particular hospital's ER. The position is also for the shift I precepted on. I graduate this week. :) I hope this clears everything up. Oh, I was not a LPN or CNA prior to this. So, other than my clinical and precepting I do not jave any experience.


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what area are you in newgrad9?


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hmm. well I wish you luck! It seems to be it is all who you know. You need to know someone to even get in these days.