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  1. Minnie02

    Orlando RN Nursing Programs

    Please could you post me the list of nursing programs for RNs in Orlando, Florida. Thank you :)
  2. Minnie02

    Dialysis PCT job description

    For license - RNs don't need a PCT license. The RN license works when entering the field. But RN's do need is 3 - 6 months of training/internship to get into the Dialysis Setting. Hope this helps :)
  3. Minnie02

    New Pre Nursing student

    Hi! Welcome to the forum. After reading your post, I see you are on the right track. Once you are done with the classes you can take up all your pre-quistes classes. Make sure you get all A's and B's in all your classes. As the point system and lottery system focus on Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, English & Math. The GPA of these classes will help you get in the nursing program. Also make sure you make a list of colleges that you want to apply, see their requirements and complete them before you apply to their programs. Its easy when you have all your requirement completed and apply to all the RN programs at once, so you don't have to apply at different semesters. Good luck! Keep the forum posted how the classes are going? IF you need help..you can surely PM me
  4. Hi! Welcome to the forum and also to the field of Nursing. As I was reading your options, I think the first important thing to do is to sit down and make a list of classes you need to take for the RN route. To be frank, most of the schools have a point system or lottery system. So basically make sure you get A's and B's in all your classes. Also, check with all the community colleges requirements. Once you have made the list of community colleges you wish to go for the RN program it will be easy to make that move. Don't just apply to 1 or 2 community college..instead apply to 6 - 8 colleges, even if they far away. You will have more options. Hope this helps. IF you already have a Bachelors degree in another field as the universities they have an option to apply for BSN. Most universities would have an option of a student having a Bachelors already and you could get in sooner. Good luck! Don't worry about the money part because once you are a Nurse..everything pays off. Most of the nurses earn $25.00 per hour..which would be a new nurse. Get your CNA license, and see if you can keep your current job. Most places for CNA position need to fill up for night shifts. If you can take that, it would be great!
  5. Minnie02

    Gaston College LPN Program 2012

    Hi! Just want to ask if you have applied for the LPN program at Gaston College. Also wanted to ask do classes transfer from a different state?
  6. Hi! Will the classes from a different state transfer to Wake Tech?
  7. hey! Would to like to know how the program is at Annenberg school of nursing in reseda? I have been researching alot but I don't know which one to pick
  8. Minnie02

    Lvn Schools

    Hey! Just wanted to ask you how the AV Medical College is for the LVN program. Do they have part-time programs? and how is the schedule look like?
  9. Minnie02

    Anyone in CA about to start LVN Program?

    Has anyone heard about the High Desert Medical College in Lancaster or Bakerfield ?Can anyone give me a feedback about them. I know there were earlier post about them but for now i need to know the cost of the program and how the passing rate is? Do they require Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology prequesties?
  10. Minnie02

    Trying to pass the teas v??!!

    Hey! Thanks alot. I m applying for all the RN schools around the area and see where I get in. Can't wait to be in the nursing program. Are doing the LVN/LPN program or RN program?
  11. Minnie02

    Trying to pass the teas v??!!

    Hey! I do have the TEAS ATI STUDY GUIDE. But the questions that I had got my science part were mostly on cell membranes, plant cell and animal cell. One or two questions on chemistry.
  12. Minnie02

    Trying to pass the teas v??!!

    Hi! Just wanted to ask you about the TEAS V. I had take mine and did not good on them. How did you study for the Science part?
  13. Minnie02

    Csn spring program students anyone working too?

    Hi! Could you please explain me how the program works at CSN RN Program? Do they have a part-time program? Can a student work when they go the RN program at CSN?
  14. Minnie02

    CSN RN Program Spring 2012 Schedule

    Hello everyone! How does this RN program work? Is this RN program part-time? Please could you give me some information. would love to work and go to school at the same time
  15. Minnie02

    Wake Tech or JCC? (2nd degree student)

    Hey! Thanks for all the information. Does LPN program need all the classes you mentioned? I already have my medical terminology class and nutrition is almost done. So for the LPN program do they need the TEAS V? As i m applying from California, i dont want to miss the application day. I m happy to hear they let you know by July. Over here the process takes about 6 months..and after a year and half they tell you if the student got in or not. I will checkout the website again, i m still confused on few things. If i have question, will post them, so alteast i m prepared before I apply next year :)
  16. Hi! Can you give some more information about the nursing program at this college? What are the requirements? Does TEAS V count in the application process? How long does it take to get into the program? I have been looking to nursing programs in NC and wanted some feedback on it. I m applying from California, so need some information about this school.