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Waiting for NCLEX-PN (CA) results - 08 Oct 2010


Hey all,

I wanted to share my experience because this website really helped me out the past few weeks. I took the test on Friday, 08 Oct 2010 NCLEX-PN in CA. I got 147 questions, I was freaking out during/after 85 questions because I was surely thinking it would stop then. My advice is to stay calm and keep focused. At 93 questions the computer offered me a break in which I refused and kept on going. I felt that I was calming down a bit and I was on a roll. Everyone's different but I suggest if your starting to find the groove then keep going and breathe. I gotta tell you nursing school and clinical rotations trully prepared me for the test because the questions on the test were very straight forward and required critical thinking. I suggest reading posts on how to take tests on critical thinking. The exam took about 2 1/2 hours. After the exam I was so out of it. I was shaking and felt sick to my stomach (I still have that feeling) - I guess this is the feeling when you trully want to accomplish something. After the exam I called a few of my classmates to tell them I was freaking out. One of my friends wanted to meet up so we went to eat at a resturant. I felt better because of my friend's support. As soon as I got home (5 hours after the exam) I went on to the Pearson vue website to try "the trick." I got the good pop up and I felt a little relief. I've been trying the trick for the past 3 days. As far as results goes, three of my classmates took the exam (CA) and got results by mail within 8 days from the exam date. I guess it's the luck of the draw as far as processing. I will let everyone know if the PVT trick is accurate from 5 hours after the exam and also if getting 147 questions means anything. My preperation for this test was to just go over basic stuff and do lots of questions from CDs (I studied 1-2 hours daily or a little less for 2 months) but the test was on my mind 24 hours a day for the past 4 months. I used Saunders (school provided), Lippencott, and just surfing the net really helped. I know this is cliche to say, "stay calm, you know this, you can do this, breathe" but thats the true keys of passing. I only say this because I felt that I was a mess then I got back into a calmer state by good breathing techniques. Although I don't know the results yet I wanted to share my before thoughts and my current waiting period thoughts. God is great and I found that He is always there. Thank you allnurses.com and all the wonderful people who post their thoughts and well wishes, it really helped me out. I will come back hopefully soon to share news that will change my life but more importantly my parents life. I wanna help them out because they deserve a break. They are always there for me and now, I wanna be there for them! GOD IS GOOD!!! Thanks all! Best of luck to everyone - I know you will do great! Believe in yourself because the light at the end of the tunnel is for everyone. We can share it!!


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if you get the good pop up, there is no doubt that you are now a nurse!!!

congrats nurse!! just wait for the official result in the mail but at least you can relax a little bit because pvt really works!!!

angel, rn

Good luck with your official results.

Thanks ya'll, I'm still nervous but I feel the support from my family, friends, and the great people on the net. I will keep everyone posted as soon as the results come. :redbeathe

I am sure that you did well, I took my PN NCLEX 10/7 and got my quick results of pass-yay. Now I am checking the state website daily to see when they have received my exam results from the test admininstrator, so that i can get my license number and start applying for a Career in Nursing. Good luck to you, but I am sure you will be fine.

Congratulations on your exam! I'm still waiting - oh the dreaded pain in my stomach, mind body and soul. Ahhhh!!!!!

Hi Myonlyhope- i also took my Nclex-PN (CA) last oct.8 also...i got 85 questions..tried the PVT Trick several times and it wont get me to the cc page. it says "another registration cant be made at this time"...i guess thats the good pop up..i hope we'll both make it...im so anxious waiting for the official results...its killing me!!!!whaaa:uhoh3::uhoh3: but i guess its worth the wait in the end..;):yeah::yeah: Good luck to us...;)

Ahhhrg!! Still no results - last Friday was a furlough day (CA board) and Monday was Columbus day., this wait is not cool! Thank goodness for the gym and swimming. At least I'm getting in shape lol..

@chin0603 - yes I've tried the trick for my friend, and I everyday and we get the good popup. Hopefully they didn't patch the software where the trick doesn't work anymore :0 Positive thoughts FTW!!

I got my email with my license number today along with a temporary verification license paper until my card comes in the mail...I am sooooo excited right now. Don't worry, from my understanding the trick works-it did for me and my classmates so far. :)


....am glad its over for you.....God is good ....claim it .....

am taking mine this 26...any advise????plsss ...tinypinkpanther2000@yahoo.com


My advice is to pray and get a good night of sleep. Arrive early and stay focused. Good breathing techniques and remember - You can do it :) My friend just got his results and the trick worked, so hopefully I will get my results soon :)

Good Luck everyone!

Did you get your results? My friend took it Oct 6th and he got his saturday 10-23.

goodluck. hope u get ur results soon. took my nclex on the 18th. stopped at 85 questions, went home did the pvt trick and got the good pop up.hoping and praying tht it works. let us know when u receive ur official results.

agh! the long wait is killing me. :s CA, please be fast! :'(

just took my nclex fri oct 22, in CA. it stopped at 85. i actually felt confident after taking the test. it was great that there was an option for quick results. jumped on the computer after 48 hours and found out my board is not eligible for that service.. that totally shot down my confidence.. so then, i was anxious all weekend.. couldnt sleep, couldnt stop thinking about all the questions on the nclex (if they were right or wrong)... but then today, i found out/read about PVT.... OMG i hope it really does work!!! cuz i got the good pop up.. i read many comments saying that its true and has worked for majority of people. 3-4 weeks is loooooooong wait tho for official results..... how does everyone cope with it? im only 4 days post nclex, and i feel like a mess... well its also nice to hear similar stories, im glad im not alone..

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@MyOnlyHope-- did u get ur results yet? its been 2 weeks...whaaa im so anxious about my result even though i have the "good pop-up" i still can't help being worried..:banghead::banghead:.how come its taking too long to get it..:confused::confused:

i took my nclex-rn(ca) in texas and it shut off on 75Qs, tried PVT on monday and got "good pop-up" then tuesday morning i found my name on ca brn with license number!!