Thanks to all

  1. As a nurse caught in the middle and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I want to say thank you to all of the nurses who have come and donated their time and skills to us. You will never realize how deep our gratitude will always be. You took time from your families, jobs, and lives to help us survive. You brought water, supplies and hope and for that we will always remember you and hold you each dear in our hearts. This is truly the best country in the world.

    Thanks again

    Biloxi, Mississippi
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  3. by   jbarton52
    I'm glad you're OK. I worked 15+ years with the American Red Cross, and I can tell you, I still want to "jump and run" to the scene whenever disaster strikes. It just "gets in your blood" and never leaves. I'll wager a bet that everyone who had the opportunity to help in even the slightest way will remember it for the rest of their lives, and will have the same response I do whenever they see/hear of people who could use some help. So nice of you to say "Thanks" -- we all appreciate it! Jeanne
  4. by   ItsyBitsySpider
    I second what Amy said. It truly is beyond touching to have nurses on our unit who have taken their vacation time to come and volunteer and help us out. I get to bring my kids trick or treating on Monday because of them. We are all so grateful. Thanks just doesn't seem like enough. We won't ever forget them.

    New Orleans Nurse
  5. by   grammyr
    I was privileged to work in Baton Rouge for 4 days after Katrina. I am not sure I have ever been so proud of our profession as I was then. While I did not go into New Orleans, I did help care for about 4000-5000 evacuees at LSU in the PMAC. I have no idea how many nurses and doctors were there, I would venture a guess that there must have been several hundred working tirelessly to help these people. Some of the ones I worked with were themselves evacuees. There were some who didn't know where they would live or finish their residency, but they were there helping.

    The group of people who amazed me were the student body of LSU. Most of what we hear about young people isn't always flattering, but these kids worked their hearts out. The ones I worked with did not back down from anything asked of them, from feeding to cleaning patients, they just rolled up their sleeves and did it.

    This trip to Baton Rouge made me realize why I do what I do.
  6. by   laurakoko
    Thanks from me, too. I appreciate what everyone has done to help us here.

    I just returned home from Disney World yesterday... having to take a well needed break from this disaster aftermath....
    I was feeling overwhelmed, and had to "escape" from reality for a while. I picked Disney because I just needed to hear "have a magical day". It was magical. After all I, and family has been through, it was nice to get away.

    Resting at Disney, was awesome, and it gave me some time to think about all the persons who went above and beyond to help in the recovery. I appreciate it all !!!!! My most heart-giving thank you goes to everyone.

    The people in Florida, who had also just been hit with Hurricane Wilma, were thoughtful as well. When I responded with "I am from New Orleans", people still asked and had sympathy for our well-being.
    Thanks again for thinking of us, and helping. You will never know how it makes me feel that there is goodness, kindness, and caring in this world, that is just from peoples hearts, and has no price tag attached. You are all trully wonderful humans.
    It made me open my eyes, wide. Laura
  7. by   MissJoRN
    We didn't do it alone, either!

    Thanks for giving me a room, a mattress, and access to a shower (I was lucky!) to sleep on

    Thanks for being forgiving if my routine was a little slow because Med-surg is not my comfort area!

    Thanks for being warm, hospitable, and helpful. Thanks for "breaking me out" when I was getting "hospital fever" and showing me around the area.

    Thanks to the staff and nurses in the disaster headquarters of board of Health and MEMA for co-ordinating picking me up at the airport and delivering me to the hospital then picking me up again. And thanks for the pecan pie

    Thanks to both of my employers for allowing me the time off. Thanks to the moms of my kids and other case nurses for being understanding and flexible.

    Thanks to my hospital peds unit for donating baby formula and nipples. Thanks to my hubby for buying me a stronger, larger suitcase to carry the formula in!

    (Many, many thanks to my hubby!)

    Thanks to everyone who helped my find the "last" hotel room in Jackson the day after the shelter closed so I didn't have to get up at 2 am for my flight!

    Thanks to the hotel owner who took and distributed the last of the food, toys, toiletries, etc from my bags... lightening my load home and helping out some of her displaced guests.

    Thanks to the hotel next door that arranged airport shuttle service for me even though I was not a guest there just because "she's a nurse"

    I'm sure there were so many more... I wish I could remember! We had so much help to come down! I live near NYC, we were on alert on Sept 11 hoping to be overwhelmed with survivors. I'm sure we would have gotten the same help!! Let's hope we never find out again!
  8. by   Jessy_RN
    Glad to read you are okay too. God bless you all.