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Voice Recorders for Lectures

by AngChick03 AngChick03 (New) New

I am looking for a recorder to record the lectures. My phone is not the best at it and I want something really good that I can transfer to computer files and share with others. However, I need it to be easy on the wallet. Anyone have any suggestions?

I recently got a Sony one from Best Buy for about $60. Don't remember the model number or anything, but I am pleased with it so far. Saves multiple recordings to different files and hooks to computer with USB cord.


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Before investing in something make sure you can record you're Nursing classes. Our college made us sign an electronic recording contract similar to an NDA if we do record, but we also have to have instructor permission.

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, AngChick03:

I've been using Amazon.com: Sony Digital Flash Voice Recorder (ICD-PX312): Office Products since last June; it works very well. I use the software that comes with the recorder to give the file a meaningful name; then I sync it to my phone.

Thank you.

P.S. Do check if you are able to record lectures. All but one of my pre-nursing classes allowed it (asking first); BUT, their nursing program outright states no recording even going as far as to rule out the smart pens that can record during note taking.

Thank you, I will look into these! Former students have said it is okay to record the lectures, but I am going to email the nursing secretary to ask her if she knows if the Professors will let us. Thanks!

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For our program we were required to purchase and IPOD Touch so that we could have access to our drug information while on the clinical floor. I used this to record all the lectures. Wasn't the greatest, but I asked the instructors if I could put it near them while they were lecturing and they said yes. Worked for me.

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Make sure you have formal permission to record prior to attempting this. When you record, you are impinging on the privacy of others - the instructor is not the only person who speaks during a class, so you will also be recording other participants. For this reason, many schools prohibit this practice.