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Wife, mom, and hopefully future nurse!

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  1. AngChick03

    Which littmann

    Hello, I work on a med surge unit. I am currently using a Pittman classic S.E. II. My husband is buying a new one for my birthday but I am not sure which one. I am trying to decide between the master II or the classic III. My hearing is not the best although I have done fine with my classic S.E. II. They are close in price so I would like some input.
  2. AngChick03

    Voice Recorders for Lectures

    Thank you, I will look into these! Former students have said it is okay to record the lectures, but I am going to email the nursing secretary to ask her if she knows if the Professors will let us. Thanks!
  3. AngChick03

    Voice Recorders for Lectures

    I am looking for a recorder to record the lectures. My phone is not the best at it and I want something really good that I can transfer to computer files and share with others. However, I need it to be easy on the wallet. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. AngChick03

    EFSC August 2014 hopefuls :)

    Hey all, it is so exciting to start to meet the people we will be with for the next two years :). I am still working on some of stuff for my profile, but will have it all by July 15th. I am going to the July CPR class, due to that I work Wednesdays so I could not make that one. I am going to start to buy some stuff soon. Angela
  5. AngChick03

    EFSC August 2014 hopefuls :)

    Helloooooo!!! I am, too, waiting for that official letter! Hoping it will be good news! I starting checking the mail box last week for it and right before I open it I close my eyes lol.