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  1. I would be interested to know as well. I had a Master Cardiology that was stolen recently. I preferred the Cardiology III over the Master Cardiology. I am trying to decide between another Cardiology III or the new IV. I would like to hear some reviews on the IV before I buy it.

    Leave NP job before 1 year?

    Hi, I am a new grad Acute Care NP. I accepted a job and have been orienting with a team of inpatient NP's. I was not required to sign a contract when I was hired. The organization is supportive and the team I work with is great, good salary, good benefits. I am not loving my role because I feel like I don't have much autonomy and to be honest I am feeling bored. There is a lot of downtime with this group and I am more of an adrenaline junkie type. Another opportunity has come up with a group I have worked with before that is more in line with my interests. I feel that I would be much happier in this role because it is more interesting and challenging, I would have more autonomy (but still have adequate support for a new grad) and a much faster pace. Of course I know that this job would be more stressful, but I am the type of person who typically thrives in this environment. I am struggling with the decision because I feel loyalty toward the inpatient group I am currently working with, and I am worried about what bridges I will burn if I leave this job so soon. I live in a large city where jobs and hospitals are plentiful. Any advice from NP's who have resigned shortly after being hired? Did you feel you made the right decision or did you regret your choice afterward?

    Houston pay?

    Prn jobs in Houston can pay about $45-$50 an hour. If you didn't need benefits, theoretically you could come close to 6 figures if you had a couple of prn jobs.

    Work and pets?

    I have a dog walker who comes to let my dogs out mid shift. If you can find one in your area, I would highly recommend!

    What's up with all the 'failed NCLEX' posts?

    We took a standardized test (I think it was called ATI)every semester prior to graduation. Each semester was a different "level." We were given study guides and those who did not pass were required to go to remediation. I seem to remember your grade for the semester was also lowered one letter grade if you failed.

    Just found out I was accepted - Xanax usage

    I have a prescription for a ADD medication. I have been on this medication for 15 years and was on it through nursing school, my masters program, as well as multiple jobs/hospitals. The way it works everywhere I have been drug tested is once your drug screen comes back positive, a doctor from the agency who performed the test will contact you to ask about what medications you are taking. Once you tell them about the controlled substance, you have 24 hours to submit verification of the prescription to the agency (must be filled within 30 days). I believe after they have verified your prescription, the result is reported to the school as negative. I believe I was "randomly" tested more often than other students, but I can't remember if I disclosed the medication I was on to the school. As long as you have a valid prescription and are not impaired you should be fine. Of course you should not take Xanax on the days you will be interacting with patients.

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    I would recommend contacting the scholarship committee to ask if they have any information on where other recent graduates have been able to find jobs. I would think if they are willing to pay for nursing school to staff underserved areas, they would have some insight on where the greatest needs are. And remember, even if you get 100 no's all it takes is 1 yes. Don't lose your confidence and determination. You have the right attitude as long as you have the willingness to move where needed. Good luck!

    OLOL New Grad Icu Residency

    I don't know much about the new grad program but I know a lot about Baton Rouge. Will you be looking for an apartment or house?

    FAMU Nursing Spring 2016

    I would urge you to be cautious with this program.


    Trendelenburg Position CCN : Critical Care Nurse AJCC : American Journal of Critical Care FYI. Many argue that trendelenberg is not an acceptable intervention for hypotension.


    Wow..... everywhere I have worked has had a hypoglycemia protocol. No glucose check or D50..... Sounds dangerous! As far as fluids, in one of the ICU's where I worked, we did occasionally give fluid boluses with no order. Where I work now, this would not be acceptable. It all depends on your patient population. If you are dealing with a cardiac/CV surgery patient, you could seriously anger some doctors by giving their patients fluid. That being said, all of our CV surgeons give us their personal cells and answer 24/7 so that we do not intervene on their patients without discussing with them. If I had a true emergency and was unable to get orders, I would probably just risk it and bolus to keep the patient from coding.

    End stage glioblastoma

    Very well said.

    Negotiating salary for new grad

    Depends where you are. Salaries vary widely on a national level.

    Sign-on Bonuses Are Alive and Well

    I can't speak for the specific departments that are hiring but I know several people who have been at Methodist for years. They have been very happy with their experience.

    Sign-on Bonuses Are Alive and Well

    I know a nurse with two years of experience (experience not in the specialty she was hired for, no sign on bonus) who was started at $31/Hr plus diffs for weekend, evenings and nights.

    Sign-on Bonuses Are Alive and Well