Leave NP job before 1 year?


Hi, I am a new grad Acute Care NP. I accepted a job and have been orienting with a team of inpatient NP's. I was not required to sign a contract when I was hired. The organization is supportive and the team I work with is great, good salary, good benefits. I am not loving my role because I feel like I don't have much autonomy and to be honest I am feeling bored. There is a lot of downtime with this group and I am more of an adrenaline junkie type. Another opportunity has come up with a group I have worked with before that is more in line with my interests. I feel that I would be much happier in this role because it is more interesting and challenging, I would have more autonomy (but still have adequate support for a new grad) and a much faster pace. Of course I know that this job would be more stressful, but I am the type of person who typically thrives in this environment. I am struggling with the decision because I feel loyalty toward the inpatient group I am currently working with, and I am worried about what bridges I will burn if I leave this job so soon. I live in a large city where jobs and hospitals are plentiful. Any advice from NP's who have resigned shortly after being hired? Did you feel you made the right decision or did you regret your choice afterward?


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You will find many answers to this question. I left my first NP job after 7 months because I couldn't stand it anymore -- I was working 15 hours days, 7 days per week with limited support. I hesitated to leave before one year, but another opportunity came up that was perfect for me and I decided to leave for my own mental health. It was a great decision and I am thrilled with my new job. About 1/2 my NP class left their first jobs within the first year for similar reasons; it just seems to be very hard to find a good fit.

Of course it matters how you do it -- I offered to stay as long as needed until my patients could be covered. As it turned out, that was only 2 weeks. But I feel that I left on good terms.

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I too left my first NP job after about 8 months. So glad I did. I'm very happy with my choice and I'm doing what I've always wanted to do now.

I think it's really common to leave with less than a year under your belt. Actually, I think employers may see it as a positive thing- you know what you want now and you're willing to make this job last. Plus you've have some kind of training already.

It sounds like you should listen to yourself!