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Hello all! It's a little early, but I wanted to make a new thread for all those applying this summer for TCC's Spring program! I dropped off my application this past Tuesday and am already ready for... Read More

  1. by   LROZAYL
    what was your HESI score?
  2. by   Tst2350
    Hello! Im currently taking pre-requisites to apply into the nursing program in the fall.. either cohort will be fine with me but by the deadline I will only have the HESI, A&P I AND II, ENG11, PSY 200 and 235, and PHI 220 completed. I plan to complete the rest of my pre-requisites in the spring so I will meet all of the Pre-requisites by the start of the cohort! if you are currently in the program or recently got accepted please help! i need some insight and would like to be able to weigh my options out

    Thank you!
  3. by   britneybutler11
    For all of you that applied last year: What do you all think my chances are of getting in with an 83 on the HESI and a 3.4 GPA? Thanks in advance!
  4. by   bowersjc
    Hi all!

    I'm getting really nervous reading all of these comments! I started my application process yesterday and plan to apply this summer. I have a BS from vcu but I do not have micro or A&P 1/2 i've noticed a lot of you are taking those classes before the program? I thought they were part of the program- am I wrong about that? or are you all just taking them to get them out of the way?

    Also how hard was the HESI and what sections do they use?
  5. by   od2225
    bowersjc, good luck with your application, I applied back in 2015 so not sure if any changes have been made in the evaluation process, it may be helpful to check with the folks that applied more recently to the program. I believe overall the point system is used in ranking the applicants, most weight is given to HESI scores, secondly your sciences (esp A&P and Micro) are weighed - that's why many people take them prior to the program to increase their odds of acceptance, lastly your psychology/ethics are added. HESI when I applied had reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, math, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, and critical thinking. It's all pretty fairly basic stuff in HESI, nothing too deep from what I remember.
    Anyways, hope this helps,
    Again, good luck with the application.
  6. by   bowersjc
    Hello everyone! I know this is for last year but I dropped off my application for spring 2018 start date and had a few questions. I know its a year round program but at the info meet they mentioned a small break for summer. My fiance and I are trying to plan an elopement and of course this all depends on if i get into the program. I can't find anything online about the calendar except the regular TCC one. When are your breaks during the program and how long are they?