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Tidewater Community College - Spring 2016 Applicants


Hello all! It's a little early, but I wanted to make a new thread for all those applying this summer for TCC's Spring program! I dropped off my application this past Tuesday and am already ready for October 15th to hurry up and get here, lol!

Hi! I am in the process of applying for the spring 2016 class as well for TCC. Just working on my a&p and will finish the second half in the fall. I am planning on turning my application in by the end of next week.

Hello, I just dropped my application off on Friday. I am anxiously waiting too. I am looking to get in the evening weekend program.

Hi mic23455 and Butler8076! Nice to meet you both! I'm glad you're here to join me on the long wait for October! :)

I applied for both cohort 3 and 4, but now I wish I had applied for the evening/weekend cohort as well. To be honest, I'd be happy with any cohort! Lol

I'm planning to apply to all three- increase my chances and I can make adjustments at work where needed. Good luck to everyone!!

what is everyones GPA and Hesi score? any classes still in process?

Thank you and best of luck to you as well, mic23455!

Hey, mbtsab! Welcome to the thread!!

I have a 3.5 prerequisite GPA and an 88% HESI score. I still have to take a class in the fall though. I'm nervous about not having that one class completed, but I'm trying to stay optimistic! 👍

How about you? Are you applying for the spring program as well? :)

I have A's in all my pre-reqs except english 111 and 112-B's

I have to complete A&P II and micro(taking in fall and spring)

applying to the night and weekend for next year though:(

I still have to take the HESI, did you just study from the elsvier website book?

I have almost all of my prerequisites done. I am taking bio 141 this summer and will be taking bio 142 in the fall. My GPA is around 3.5 (I can't remember exactly off the top of my head). My Hesi score is 84%. I just used the elsvier book from the website to study. I mainly struggled with the a&p since I haven't taken both halves of it yet. The math part wasn't hard either, it mainly just took longer for me to complete that section since I had to work out most every problem out. The other sections weren't too difficult for the most part. Have you decided when you'll take the hess yet?

I will take it most likely before I start spring semester, I want to get A&P II out the way, how was the summer session for A&P---I was dying trying to get my A and I took it in Spring--lol

Awesome grades, mbtsab & mic23455!

I studied from the Elsevier website book too. Definitely recommend it! I also used my old Biology, Chemistry, and A&P notes to brush up on areas I felt I needed practice on. It had been a while since I had taken CHM 1, so I studied like crazy for that section!

I have finished all my pre reqs with an "A" in them. My GPA is 3.9. I just took the HESI last week and scored 88%. I bought an Elsvier book from Barnes and Noble. I would make sure to study the chemistry, biology, and A&P. I was worried about the math but it was primarily fractions on my test. The reading and grammar is pretty straight forward. I hope everyone gets in to the program. I am just anxious to get this over with before my A&P expires and I have to retake it.

I'll be done with the summer session this week, but it has been a lot of work. Lab is twice a week instead of once a week. I feel like I'm always in testing mode.

Hello, all

I'm submitting my app next week for the spring start, I'm so nervous about applying to the program my pre req grades are great but I only scored a 70% on the hesi exam :( . I have A's in a &p 1 and a &p 2, an A in micro, A's in ENG 111 and 112, an A in Psy 235, an A in SDV 101 and a B in Psy 201. Has anyone ever known someone with good grades to get accepted but a low Hesi scroe? I just feel like there is no hope for me because I believe the hesi is a big factor on acceptance although there is no minimum score.

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Hey all!

Finally a 2016 thread!! I've been following allnurses Tidewater threads forever, so this is exciting. I am also applying for Spring start and taking the HESI next Monday. I will have A&P 2 left to take in Fall, and all other prerequisites done. I took bio 141, bio 150, Ethics, SDV and Statistics this summer....talk about overload!

I believe they just look at the grades for prerequisites, correct? I think it used to be cumulative but now is prerequisites only from what I've gathered. Fingers crossed that that's the case because my old grades aren't the best!

Looking forward to chatting with you all :)

Welcome FutureRN0625 and Maegsy!! Happy to have you both on the thread!! :D

Yep, they only look at grades earned on prerequisites now! 🎉

At the information session, they said that admission to the program is based on a points system. They didn't say how many points were given for the HESI/grades, but they did say they were ranked from highest to lowest like this:

1.) HESI

2.) BIO 141, 142, 150

3.) ENG 111, 112

4.) PSY 201, 235

5.) PHI 226

I know it probably doesn't sound like much coming from me, but I still think you have a chance FutureRN0625!! Apply. You never know what could go right :)

Thanks beachbum! I'm nervous having 142 left to take too. This is all so anxiety-inducing. I don't even know what my back up plan is if I don't get in...just wait til Fall I suppose? Hopefully the extra points for having a Bachelor's do me some good.

I have this week to study for the HESI so if any of you have any pointers please send them my way! Really hoping we all make it in. 🙏🏼