Anyone applying to Tidewater Community College for Fall 2013?

  1. Just looking to find some fellow pre-nursing students who are applying to TCC or even Paul D Camp for the fall 2013 semester. Lets chat!
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to Virginia State Nursing Programs for more response.
  4. by   Graduate2010
    Quote from spoland
    Just looking to find some fellow pre-nursing students who are applying to TCC or even Paul D Camp for the fall 2013 semester. Lets chat!
    I'm applying to cohort 1 (August). I have all paper work ready to go. Just waiting for Feb 15th to roll around. I'm currently a LPN looking to bridge over. I have all classes except Eng 112 for which I'm taking now. GPA is 3.326 and I have A's in Eng 111, Psy 201, PHI 220 and SDV 101. B's in Bio 141, 142, Micro and Psy 231. I'm hopeful and I pray I have enough to get in. How about you?
  5. by   exquisiteflaws
    I am looking to apply! But I have a question. I am planning to go tomorrow for more info but maybe you all can help. When considering GPA... Do they take your overall GPA or just your GPA of the pre requisite classes?
  6. by   Graduate2010
    They take cumulative GPA. They also give points to those prereq classes that are complete. A's get the highest points and they look at science classes more than anything else. It's called a point system which really determines if you get in. Good luck and hope to see you this fall!
  7. by   virgolove34
    While they do look at your cumulative GPA, they pay more attention to the classes that's required in their program. I'm already in the program, but I started a thread when I was applying. I think it's called Tidewater Community College Hopefuls 2012.. You can search it and see our GPA's and see who got it. Then another girl started a thread Tidewater Community College Hopefuls 2013.. Search theirs too because they also posted their grades etc, just to get an idea of what the pool has consisted of. Good luck.
  8. by   Graduate2010
    Ok ladies-----today is the day for submission for applications for cohort 1 and 2. I mailed mine from the post office yesterday and also changed my school of record. I wish all of you the best of luck and hoping to see you guys this fall!
  9. by   nursenthemakin
    Hello all, I applied for spring but was chosen as analternate. I have just submitted my app for fall as well since the next class starts on the 11th. To my knowledge none of the alternates have been called. Praying that i get some good news one way or another... Good luck to everyone
  10. by   regina9979
    Hello all,
    I just submitted my application for the August 2013 cohort. I am already struggling to wait the two months to find out if I get accepted. I have been reading different posts and I am concerned that my HESI-A2 wasn't good enough. How did everyone do on the critical thinking portion? I did not do so well. I only scored an 820 and they recommend a 900. I know there is not a pass/ fail for this but I was wondering how everyone else did. Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  11. by   Graduate2010
    Hi Regina! Unfortunately I am already an LPN so I didn't have to take the HESI exam. But from reading different post, several people have gotten in with 82% plus thier cum gpa. What they really look at is your prereq's mainly sciences. I think you did well and don't worry so much. They two months is a killer but we will get through it. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. by   HeatherMax
    I keep hearing it is a 2 year wait at TCC, AND you have to have a A in all of your science and math pre-requisites. Have you found this to be true? Or is it just bunk to scare away competition for the few spots?
  13. by   regina9979
    Thanks, that is good to know. I have a 4.0 with all A's in my sciences. I hold an associates degree in accounting so I am exempt from the math pre-req's as I took them at another college. I got A's for those as well. I just worry because I see all these high scores on the HESI. All of my individual scores were above the recommended level with scores between 80 -95%, it was just the critical thinking portion that I didn't do so well on and that concerns me. Ughh, I don't like waiting so long to find out something that is so important to me. Have you entered the program?
  14. by   regina9979
    I have heard that it is a long wait as well, but hopefully that is just gossip and it isn't as bad as we think. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Have you applied for the 2014 start date? I requested the August 2013 start date, but I would be happy if I just get accepted! :-)