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Do you know anything about the alternate sequence curriculum? i applied earlier this year but i still haven't heard anything back and can't find any information about this anywhere! thanks!


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I have a friend who applied to the Alternate Sequence and also has not heard anything back yet. It's not as intense as the Express program but it is still a lot of work from what I hear. I think as far as I know the alternate sequence has a regular semester format. The curriculum you can see on the villanova nursing website. here is the link Good Luck!!!


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Is anybody attending the BSNExpress program welcome this Thursday?


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I am going!


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I would like to know if Villanova U nursing program; alternate sequence consists of evening class because I work until 5p. Please let me know. I need an evening program that begins at 6p other than LaSalle U.


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Hiii, Where did you guys complete your prerequisites not the regular sciences but the religous courses and pathophysiology??

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