VCU ABSN Summer 2018


Hey guys!

I just started a thread for UVA's CNL Summer 2018, but I'm also applying to VCU's ABSN program for Summer 2018. If anyone out there is doing the same, or just applying to VCU, I'd love to hear from you! :)


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Just submitted my VCU accelerated BSN application! Love to hear if anyone is in the same boat! :)


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Hi !! I am currently filing out the application now! Hopefully I will be wrapped up with it soon !


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Hi! I submitted the application to VCU in the beginning of September! It is my top choice so fingers crossed :)


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I'm working on submitting my application now! Where is everyone from? GPA and past experience? I'm so nervous.


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Hi All -

I'm also working on my application now. I have a 3.4 undergrad GPA, but wont finish any of the prereqs in time for the deadline :( (I'm finishing them up this fall and next spring) I do have some hospital experience as I was a hospital pharmacy technician for a few years in college. Since then I've worked for various nonprofits in DC. Also very nervous! Would love to hear from others.


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I recently just submitted my application as well to VCU. Im so nervous considering this is my top choice.


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What are your stats?


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Hi everyone!

I'm currently finishing up my application now and will be submitting soon. I'm an undergraduate senior and am still finishing up the prereqs and will be done with them all this spring! I am really worried because my gpa isn't ideal (sitting at a 2.9 something right now :( ) but I have done well in the nursing prereqs I've taken so far. I'm a biology major and have taken almost all of the premed prerequisites which is partially the reason why my gpa is so low (I'm hoping they'll take this into account and have some mercy on me). I had done some soul searching and realized a bit too late that medicine was not for me but I can't change the past so I'm still hopeful! I have a lot of experience working as a home health aide, volunteer as clinical research assistant in the hospital, and volunteer tutor for immigrant families. I'm hoping that this, plus my recommendations and personal statements, will somewhat make up for my grades...VCU is my top choice as well and I'm so nervous. Does anyone have any insight/advice/reassuring words?


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I have already submitted my application. I am a little nervous as well. I currently work at VCU Hospital as a Clinical Social Worker. My undergrad gpa is a 3.1 and my graduate gpa is a 3.6, both completed at VCU. In nursingcas my cumulative for both gpa's is a 3.2, so that makes me a little nervous. I had a license as a CNA and worked as one briefly, but I let it expire when I got into graduate school. I'm hoping my recommendation letters and personal statements are good enough to get me in!


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I have almost completed my application! I am finishing up my first bachelor's degree in public health right now with a 3.5 GPA and a 4.0 prerequisites GPA (with one class in progress). I've volunteered at a local hospital for the last 3 years, worked as a PCA for a couple of summers, and volunteered at a pre-K program at my school, and also have my CNA certification but I have not worked with it. VCU is one of my top choices so I am really nervous.


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Thanks for starting this thread. Been checking every now and then, lazily waiting for someone to start one for a while now. I had questions but a lot has been asnwered by the past year posts and other stuff online.

I am still in the process of applying and should be finished by next week when my references complete their part on nursingCAS. I have an international graduate degree OF 3.9 and an international undergrad of 3.77. Working as a PCT in a hospital over 3 yrs now. I just completed all my pre-reqs yesterday with all A's. I have asked around about the program and I hear as competitive as it is, it's still relatively easy to get into if u have ok grades and a great well-written statement showing your passion for patient care. I think the competitive part is after getting in. Never studied in the US but I have heard an accelerated nursing program is no joke! I'm hoping to see for myself and definitely ready for the challenge.

I live downtown Richmond (close to VCU) and I am always willing to help any future accepted persons with any info on anything I can help with. Cheers and good luck guys.