VANEEP-Nursing Incentive for VA Employees


I am currently an employee at VISN 12 VA Hospital, and have been doing research on different nursing program incentives. This program in particular sounds more of a good fit for me, because I'd rather not work and go to school! Does anyone know of a website that they have, where I can do more research regarding this program? Any information will be helpful at this point! Also, is the program application submission open all year round? I will be approaching my one year anniversary in November, and want to be able to apply as soon after. Thanks!

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I work in VISN 12 as well. You should speak to someone from employee education because specifics vary based on the hospital. The screening process is only open twice a year and it's a very lengthy process. Make sure to speak to a scholarship coordinator as soon as possible so that you can meet all of your deadlines in time. Also, you must be ready to start your nursing clinicals and be accepted into a nursing program. You also have to have at least one year as an employee of the VA. Good luck


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I emailed the lady over the entire program at my facility and she sent me information.

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I work at the Indy VAMC and I am currently in the VANEEP program. I worked in the pharmacy for about 2 years and got accepted in to Indiana University School Of Nursing in August 2012. The deadline isn't until September 2012. I found out that I got accepted into nursing school in May so in order to stay FTE, I still had to work 40 hours a week for the first semester until I got accepted in to the VANEEP.

If you have any questions, let me know! It is an amazing program and I am very thankful!

Thanks, alot for the information and links. I've been trying to find links that actually explain the process, etc., but googling it doesn't really help me much, since im trying to find it specifically for my hospital! :)

Thanks gummi bear. I wonder, if the VANEEP program is offered by the hospitals themselves, or under our VISN? I was told that Jesse Brown no longer offers VANEEP, but Hines does. I am preparing my questions more in depth so that when I go back to our education dept, I can ask ALL of the appropriate questions. Originally, when I asked about these programs, I was kind of brushed off, since I didn't have a full year in with the VA. However, my purpose for asking the questions was so i could get everything in order, so when that 366th day hits, im prepared to apply, if i'm in the window! lol. Thanks, again!

Is the EISP, NNEI and VANEEP program ALL the same? I'm noticing that when I research these programs, it only gives ample information regarding EISP and NNEI, however, with VANEEP, it's VERY minimal. I'm trying to find out more information about the program in general as i'm continuing my research on the various programs I could take advantage of and see what might be the best option for me. Thanks!


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I hope someone can answer my question. I have been "selected" for a VA RN job and am waiting for paperwork and next steps. I have a diploma plus lots of experience and a BA in another field. If I get hired at the diploma level then get my BSN in 1.5 yrs or so, how long does it take to get a salary increase from the VA that reflects the BSN? I am also considering RN to MSN bridge. I am wondering if they increase pay right away or do I have to wait? If I have to wait, does anyone know how long?