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Vanderbilt Summer 2011

by Guest463066 Guest463066 (Member)

I know it's still early, but the application process starts in 2 days and I'm getting antzy about just applying. I saw past threads on here about previous cohort application process and wanted to start one for the summer cohort. I'm applying with one of my friends from school, and we both have Vandy as our #1 choice.

Anyone else on here thinking about applying soon?

Mangatron, I feel the same way! I am applying to the Summer cohort as well and it is definitely my first choice :)

I'm planning on applying too! I think I am going to work on my application & resume this week and finish it before all those nursing finals start!

I'm applying as well! What track are you guys applying for?


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Hi guys!! Count me in!!:yeah:I applied online...just waiting for the packet to come in the mail. So exciting!

I have to look at the rotations again..but I'm leaning towards the critical care track.

Let's keep in touch with each other along this process. Wishing us all LUCK!!

I'm hoping to get into the Women's Health Track! I'm really excited that they added that one!

Hey everyone! I am planning on applying too. I applied and interviewed last year, but no dice. I am hoping my chances are better this time around.


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Deanna, what track did you go for before...and which one are you going for now? How was the interview process? Are you from Tennesse or out-of-state?

Hi guys! I'm planning on applying too! But I don't see anything on the Vandy website about the summer application being available yet. Can someone direct me to where it is? All the info I'm finding was about the Winter 2011 cohort application process.

lovely - I am from out of state, and I interviewed for critical care. It was a panel interview, mainly behavioral interview questions.

memphis - if you go on their human resources page, search for "Clinical Licensed Professional" jobs, and it's listed as Summer 2011 Nurse Residency Program, so under "S" for Summer, not listed with the RN positions, could be why you're not seeing it...


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How long are you guys making your letter of intent? I want to make sure mine isn't too long or too short..

Last time I only wrote about a page. You need to figure that they are combing through hundreds of apps, so we need to be concise - better to have one well-written page than a document that rambles on and on. Also, if you search "personal statement" or "statement of purpose" in addition to "letter of intent," you can find some good writing tips. Granted, a lot of the sources you'll find are tailoring the advice for applying to grad schools, but many of the same concepts are applicable in this situation.

I'm applying for the critical care track, but I've heard that it is the most competitive....it makes me nervous because I feel like my resume is unremarkable. How important do y'all think volunteer work is? Do you think if we have a lot of work hours it will make up for no volunteer work?

I haven't even started my letter of intent, I am hoping to get it done next week, just in time for my transcript to be ready for pick up. I've been writing down little things that I want to include in it and I think it will end up being around 2 pages? Is that too long. I don't want to write too much to where it is boring, but I don't want to leave anything out either!

mangatron- I'm having the same problem! I am not sure I can fit everything on to one page. Especially because they ask 3 different questions....not sure what to do...


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I was able to keep everything one a page. First paragraph, introduced myself and gave some background, 2nd paragraph - my career goals and how the program was a good foundation for achieving my goals and final paragraph - brought it all together and wrote why I chose Vanderbilt.

It's all about editing. I figured I need just enough to get them interested and wanting more. Everything else, I figure I can say in the interview...hopefulluy!

Did you use single space or double space? I can do it w/ single space, but I was told that it's harder for interviewers to read.


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Did you use single space or double space? I can do it w/ single space, but I was told that it's harder for interviewers to read.

I used double-spaced. It's funny because with single-spaced, I felt I didn't have enough but with double, I actually had 1.5 pages..so I knew double was the way to go. And yes...make it easy for them to read because if it's hard to read, it will be hard to motivate them to keep reading...

Now I just got to secure my recommendation letters. I already sent out the requests to my instructors..just waiting for their responses...


I have my rec letters already, so that's one thing off my plate.

OH...I know this is kind of a "duh" thing, but make sure you ask people that you are 100% sure will write you a good letter. One of my friends, who is also applying asked her Nurse Manager (who was also one of her clinical instructors once upon a time). She had good evals at work and what not, so she figured the rec would be good. Luckily she opened it because although the NM said she highly recommended her, the letter was absolutely HORRIBLE!

Where is everyone from?