Vanderbilt Pre-Specialty Accepted Students Fall 2016


Hi everyone! I thought I would start a topic board for students accepted to Vanderbilt for this fall in the Pre-Specialty program. Has anyone talked to any previous students in the past about housing? Looking forward to meeting you all!


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Hi everyone! I'm Pre-Specialty WHNP and moving down to Nashville from Michigan. I haven't talked with anyone yet about housing but I'm very interested in having roommates to help save some money! I'll be fresh out of undergrad and 22 (female) if that matters to anyone. I can't wait to get to Vanderbilt - this program has been my goal for the past 2 years! :) I know allnurses is weird about messaging people directly so maybe we should start a Facebook group as well? Just a thought!


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Hello!! I'm basically in the same boat: going to be fresh out of undergrad, 22 (female), and moving from Ohio. I'm not sure 100% yet if I am going to Vandy, but it is definitely my top option:)


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I am Pre-Specialty WHNP too! I am 22 and graduated Spring 2015. I am 100% sure I will accept my offer to Vandy. I think it would be fun to live with roommates too! I am so excited!


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I am also 100% sure I'll be attending Vandy - it was the only program I applied to! So excited!


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I will also be attending in the fall '16---PMHNP specialty here


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I'd start a Facebook group but it requires you to add at least one other person to make a group and I don't know anyone's name who's been accepted into the program.

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I'm in! AG-ACNP! Still kind of in shock over here :) I actually live here so already have housing, but I might be able to help advise about good parts of town, etc.

Congratulations everyone! I'm not 100% sure about Vandy yet (still waiting to hear from a few other schools) but very excited about the opportunity! I'm 24, female, CNM/FNP, and would be interested in roommates too :)

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Congrats to all of you. Moved to student NP forum.


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Hi everyone! I'm Pre-Specialty FNP and I'm so excited! I live in Upstate NY and I'm planning to move down to Nashville this summer. I would love to talk about housing options too. Can't wait to meet you all!

I just found some information I was given during a Vanderbilt visit that says the school of nursing creates a Facebook group mid-April for students looking for roommates. So we can keep on the lookout for that!