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Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Summer 2016


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:/ nope. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Just got my email and I'm on the waitlist, trying to be optimistic!

For all y'all who got acceptances, how long do you have to give them an answer? Trying to think about how long I should realistically keep Vandy at the top of my list. Thanks!

Til April 21st

Til April 21st

Thanks! Congrats on your acceptance!

Happy to say that I have accepted a position in the Adult PACU.

For those of you that live in Nashville already, Do you have any suggestions on where to live?

Is living near or on West End worth it? Or can you still experience all that is Nashville while also living 15 minutes out of the city?

Also, traffic? If you live 15 miles away, is it going to take an hour to get to work with downtown traffic?

Thanks ahead for any advice/info

Good luck to everyone!

Living near west end has its perks. You're close to everything, super close to vandy, it's a main thoroughfare, etc. but it's expensive! Green hills, berry hill, or crieve hall would be great places to look, as well. Lots of apartment and condo options in green hills. It would take you between 5-10 minutes to get to work and you could avoid the interstate by going up Hillsboro rd/21st ave. Nashville traffic is becoming nearly unbearable during rush hours, but whether you're working nights or days 6:30 am or pm there usually isn't a lot of traffic. Hope this helps!!

Wait listed for NICU. Oh the suspense! If it is meant to be, it will work out for those of us who are wait listed! Congratulations to all of those for their acceptance!

I was offered a spot in Adult Acute Care. I won't be taking it. So if you were waitlisted.....

Hi all! Congrats to everyone who has received an offer and accepted! For those of you waitlisted, hang in there! I was waitlisted for an interview, finally received one, and now will be accepting a position for the Adult Acute Track!

Quick question for those of you accepting: Are you simply printing out the email, signing it, and sending it back to Tracey? Thanks everyone! Can't wait to start meeting you all & get this journey started!

Yes! That is what I did and it was accepted! I accepted a position in the Adult Acute track as well! Congrats! :)

Yep I just printed it, signed it, scanned it, and emailed the scanned version back!

Sad to say I've been wait listed for Peds Acute & Specialty care :/ Trying to keep my hopes up that someone will turn down their offer lol fingers crossed

I just declined an offer for Adult Acute Progressive Track. This was very difficult for me since I had to risk it for an interview for a CTICU position for UCLA's nurse residency program. So, whoever gets my spot, please make the best of it. Good luck everyone!

Declined my spot in acute care as well. I wish those that take the spots best of luck.

I just recieved an offer off of the waitlist for the Adult Acute Progressive track!!

Chrisara, I hope you do well with my spot! Best of luck to you!

Has anyone received the request for the Facebook group?