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VA Nurse Residency

Pizzaluvr Pizzaluvr (New) New Nurse

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has gone through the nurse residency program at any of the VAs, or more specifically the Dallas VA hospital system. If so, what insight do you have about the program? Did you like having a Monday-Friday schedule for the majority of the program or did the program feel similar to nursing school again with the rotations for 9 months? I have not been able to find anything whatsoever about people's experience with it, so any info is helpful. Thank you in advance!

Did you ever get a response? Trying to decide if I should accept as this is no pay during Residency for one year..

Devo19 specializes in Surgical Intensive Care.

I'm at the Indianapolis VA and there is an RN "transition to practice" (i.e. residency) program for new graduates (less than a year experience). We meet only once or twice a month (0730-1600). It was a nice break from the unit and you are able to shadow any nurse in the VA system (inpatient, outpatient, community, etc). It was a great experience to figure out what other nursing positions are out there and they helped prepare your performance review. There is a presentation at the end (evidence-based) but it is only to benefit your yearly review. If you plead your case, you can get out of it.

On 7/8/2019 at 9:03 AM, Xcell2RN said:

Did you ever get a response? Trying to decide if I should accept as this is no pay during Residency for one year..

Which program did you get accepted into?

Hi Xcell2RN, Did you end up accepting the VA residency? Is it really no pay position for the whole year? I am currently in the process of interviewing for the residency program at the VA and want to know others experiences. 


I am also in the hiring process. I'm working at the Dallas VA as a Student Nurse Tech on MICU/CCU floor. I applied to the Transition to Practice (TTP) program. The VA also has the Post Baccalaureate  Nurse Residency (PBNR). I just graduated with an ADN so I can only apply to the TTP program. However, a new grad with BSN can also apply for the TTP. As the program coordinator explained to me, the PBRN program will rotate you through many specialties so you can have a taste of everything. The TTP is different. You will stay with the unit you selected for the entire program. I received a job offer letter a few weeks ago and I am waiting for HR to send me an official letter with the firm offer and start date. In addition, while you are in the PBNR program, you are technically not a VA employee. If you are in the TTP program, you are a full-time employee but in an over hired, temporary status. Regardless, you are still getting paid. Everything takes time with the VA so don't be discouraged.


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